Hitching a Ride on Current Events

Written by Paul J. Krupin

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Hitching a Ride on Current Events by Paul J. Krupin

Current events do present opportunities for media coverage. To see whether you can get involved requires you to analyze what you have and quickly identify what you can bring torepparttar 108035 table thatrepparttar 108036 media needs. Obviously you do not want to be scene as an ambulance chaser. But there are ways to get out in front ofrepparttar 108037 news, regardless of what happens.

If you think about what media does in response to an event, they go through several stages of activity. Break these stages down and identify specifically what these activities involve.

On any event of noterepparttar 108038 media needs:

- relevant facts and explanation to provide insights into what this event means torepparttar 108039 watching public

- expert commentary with an ability to assess and relate history andrepparttar 108040 past torepparttar 108041 present andrepparttar 108042 future

- analysis of impacts and consequences

- opinion on what individuals, organizations and cognizant governments should or shouldn't do

- evaluation of developing trends and consequences

- prevention, protection, remeditation or financial protection ideas and strategies and remedies forrepparttar 108043 people involved directly orrepparttar 108044 next touched andrepparttar 108045 support network for both.

If you can clearly identify and then flesh out your ideas and credentials, you can send a fax or email and draw attention to yourself and offer to providerepparttar 108046 information torepparttar 108047 media for their use.

The real key is to not look backward but look forward. The actual news releases you write do need to contain some key information. Successful event follow-up news releases:

1. Have a short and torepparttar 108048 point headline

2. they clearly state what, when, where, why, and howrepparttar 108049 ideas benefitrepparttar 108050 targeted impacted group of people

3. it also clearly states whyrepparttar 108051 information is of interest torepparttar 108052 media audience.

4. Provide a quick, solid, easy to use statement of facts, issues, analysis points, conclusions, questions and answers, talking points, or whatever it is you have to offer.

5. Presents your credentials quickly, which qualify you as an expert worth trusting.

6. Provides clear contact information (name, phone and email) that allows for quick booking ofrepparttar 108053 interview.

7. Offersrepparttar 108054 media more free additional information quickly (review copies, white papers, pdf files, etc by web site, e-mail, fax, overnight).

You should send out your news release as soon as you can afterrepparttar 108055 event occurs becauserepparttar 108056 clock is running oncerepparttar 108057 event starts.

One key guerrilla tactic, once an event occurs, is to create a likely timeline whereby you predict what will happen over time, and identifyrepparttar 108058 key events and opportunites for your timely intervention. Then you pitch and letrepparttar 108059 media know what's going to happen.

Forrepparttar 108060 Sunday tsunami and tidal wave situation, an expert in waterbourne diseases would be able to get out in front ofrepparttar 108061 media needing this expertise simply because it can be calculated whenrepparttar 108062 threat of disease will happen and whenrepparttar 108063 media will needrepparttar 108064 help. The need arises two to three days afterrepparttar 108065 event. What's next? What else willrepparttar 108066 media need by Friday? Sunday? Day 12 through 15?

The timeline allows you to factor inrepparttar 108067 lead time appropriate forrepparttar 108068 type of media you want to focus on. 

How to "Disguise" Your Sales Letters Online

Written by Andrew Clacy

How to “Disguise” Your Sales Letters Online

The Internet is known asrepparttar “Information Super Highway” and that’s a term that every Internetmarketer should know by heart. Why? People log ontorepparttar 108034 Internet to get information,not to be sold. Many people online are turned off at anything thatresembles advertising. They completely ignore banner ads. And they're using that “pop-up” blocking softwarelike crazy to stop pop-up window ads altogether. So what’s an Internet marketer to do? Well, here’s an idea: Write books, articles and special reports. Writing books, articles, and special reports as apromotional device isn't new. Businesses have been doing it for years. Knowing that people likeinformation, coming out with an information product is a proven way to build credibility for your servicewhile also promoting it. Online, this technique has never been more powerful. Think of what your prospects and customers want to doand why they come to you. Then pick some aspect ofthat subject and turn it into a special report. For example, a tax attorney could write a reporttitled “10 ways to find hidden deductions in yourbusiness”. A florist might write a report on “How to pick outrepparttar 108035 right flowers forrepparttar 108036 right occasion”. The idea is to create a benefit-rich short articlethat people will want to read. And when they read it,they’ll think you’rerepparttar 108037 expert just because you wroteit, andrepparttar 108038 examples in it just happen to plug your

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