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The buzzword atrepparttar moment is viral marketing, so How does that affect you and me, and how can you Benefit from it.

Viral marketing isrepparttar 134295 most powerful form of marketing onrepparttar 134296 Internet. Major corporations are rushing to master these strategies. Viral marketing is when an email with a website link gets passed around and forwarded on to people's networks. It moves quickly throughout a network of people, like an email with a virus. For example, if you pass on an email to 10 people, who pass it on to 10, who dorepparttar 134297 same. That's 1000 people who've seen your email. If this happens just three more times, one million people have seen your email.

This enzine is a form of viral marketing it gets passed aroundrepparttar 134298 net each person giving it away to someone else who gives it to someone else..... A hits tree is another form of viral marketing click here for an example http://www.hotbobs.com/hits.html

How you can benefit: Sit down think of a subject and write an article about it It doesn't need to be a very long article, 400 to 600 words Isrepparttar 134299 standard amount that any online publication is Looking for.

Does all this sound like too much work, to much hassle Are you making excuses, I can't do this or I don't have Time.

This article took me about 45 minutes to write, and it will Most likely get published in several other ezines, and it Will get published over and over again, without me having To do any more work. I will be getting visitors forrepparttar 134300 next Few years from 45 min work.

Viral Marketing Tips: Greeting Cards

Written by Richard Lowe

When we speak about viral marketing, we are not talking aboutrepparttar newest disease. We are not talking about a Mad Cow Disease variant or something that you need to be vaccinated for. In fact, we are not referring to a disease at all.

What we are talking about is literallyrepparttar 134294 most powerful traffic generation technique available onrepparttar 134295 internet. Viral marketing is so powerful that it makesrepparttar 134296 search engines look small and insignificant in comparison. Even link exchanges, as powerful as they can be, wilt into oblivion in comparison.

What you do with viral marketing is create something, anything, that visitors will want to give to other people. This thing, whatever it is, contains a link and perhaps a short advertisement for your website, ezine or ebook. So far so good, this is just good marketing. The viral part comes in becauserepparttar 134297 people who receive these items want to give them to other people, who in turn want to give them away also.

So you see? What you get is an explosion of marketing for a very small price. It's actually kind of like an avalanche, in that you throw a snowball down a slope and it just grows and grows untilrepparttar 134298 whole mountain of ice and snow is tumbling down.

One very cool viral marketing technique that any web site can take advantage of is greeting cards. I'm sure you've run across these all over repparttar 134299 web. You select a graphic (a drawing, photo or other image), perhaps a sound file and add some text. This is sent to one or more people via email. These people openrepparttar 134300 email and click on a link to view their card. They, of course, haverepparttar 134301 option from here to visit your web site and perhaps send additional cards to other people (or back torepparttar 134302 sender).

If your cards are good enough, you can find this technique alone will generate an incredible amount of traffic. Of course, you haverepparttar 134303 same problem with greeting cards that you have with your web site - you have to get people to it to begin with. Once you do that, however, you will find that it becomes more or less self maintaining. The more traffic you getrepparttar 134304 more you generate. Just make sure that all of your greeting card pages are listed inrepparttar 134305 search engines, well displayed on your page (and perhaps all of your pages) and advertised elsewhere as much as practical.

In fact, it's a good idea to spend as much or more time marketingrepparttar 134306 greeting cards asrepparttar 134307 rest of your site, since these tend to create visitors exponentially, while your site is linear.

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