Hit and Run Drivers

Written by Birmingham UK Com

Yet againrepparttar streets ofrepparttar 113471 West Midlands have witnessed a hit and run accident. The latest, in Bromford Road, Hodge Hill involved an elderly couple in a green Toyota Corolla which collided with a black Honda Prelude being driven by an Asian youth in his mid 20’s.

As members ofrepparttar 113472 public rushed torepparttar 113473 scene to try and help out,repparttar 113474 young man, around 5’9” in height, wearing jeans and a T- shirt, escaped from his own vehicle and made off beforerepparttar 113475 emergency services arrived. It is thought that he was also injured but local hospital checks would indicate that he has not been treated at a local hospital. This latest hit and run accident has left an elderly person dead and another man in his 70s in hospital with injuries. Both people have not yet been named.

Overrepparttar 113476 New Year a similar hit and run accident killed a married couple in Hockley when their Ford Fiesta was hit by a Mercedes from which two men were observed running fromrepparttar 113477 scene.

The fact ofrepparttar 113478 matter is, Birmingham, like many other towns and cities acrossrepparttar 113479 UK has a high percentage of uninsured vehicles. Many of these are also untaxed and unregistered and without an MOT. This does not take into account any drink driving related offences which are also a contributing factor to hit and run accidents.

Whenrepparttar 113480 driver of such a vehicle becomes involved in an accidentrepparttar 113481 tendency is to takerepparttar 113482 cowardly approach as an alternative to facing up to their responsibility - and they run. With little or no regard forrepparttar 113483 safety of their victims, these despicable people often escape prosecution or detection and just fade away into obscurity. Even if they are caught,repparttar 113484 punishment seldom fitsrepparttar 113485 crime andrepparttar 113486 penalty for leavingrepparttar 113487 scene of an accident is almost encouragement in itself to try and avoid being caught.

Club of Rome and Education

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

The Club of Rome:

Eugenics is a lot like allrepparttar other arrows inrepparttar 113470 quiver ofrepparttar 113471 social engineer. Francis Fukayama’s book The End of History and The Last Man is a powerful reminder of how much ‘absolute religions’ are mere tool forrepparttar 113472 elite, and I think everyone should read what he bluntly states. In order to design or engineer a quality environment we must have ethics or principles that allow decisions to be made that benefit all life on earth rather than a few elites who operate to benefit their cronies and share a little with their paladins in some Physiocratic ‘trickle down’ approach torepparttar 113473 governance and resources or opportunities that humanity hasrepparttar 113474 duty to fulfill according to some over-riding purpose. That purpose might be divine but it must make sense and be commonly apprehended or shared. I happen to think there is an intelligence and collective conscious design. I also think we are part of this design and can make mincemeat or a thorough botchery of it. We are individually responsible for being like gods as Jesus (John 10:34) and all so many adepts have made eloquently apparent. We are part of God and should help she/he/it achieve what is RIGHT.

Is that an elitist attitude? Maybe it is at some point, because I am not one who caters torepparttar 113475 destruction ofrepparttar 113476 human gene pool or one who thinks anyone deserves a free ride atrepparttar 113477 heart of it. That is not to suggest that I think everyone should not be enabled and encouraged far more than has been done inrepparttar 113478 WASP world of history inrepparttar 113479 last two millennia and more. I probably share more with Thomas Paine and his New World Order types than I share with bleeding heart naďve do-gooders who seek something they have not fully examined. I think helping babies exist and take food fromrepparttar 113480 mouths of others in India was not a godly or good thing, for example. The Club of Rome and I share a great deal in terms of how we viewrepparttar 113481 opportunities and problems that our leaders must address. Here is a good point they make.

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