History of the Watch

Written by Allen Shaw

The earliest mention ofrepparttar watch was in Shakespeare’s play "As You Like It." Inrepparttar 149199 second act ofrepparttar 149200 play one character produces a sun-dial from his pocket and muses aboutrepparttar 149201 time. Though at this time in history a true, portable timekeeping piece would have been too much of a hassle. Coming up with a powers source forrepparttar 149202 watch was impossible at this time. But inrepparttar 149203 1500’s Peter Henlein from Germany createdrepparttar 149204 first pocket watch. And from that point on portable timekeeping was part ofrepparttar 149205 norm.

Inrepparttar 149206 early 1600s, form watches came into being. Cases shaped like animals and objects and religious themed watches wererepparttar 149207 most popular. But cheap, portable clocks…watches…didn’t really come into wide spread use until 1780 when Abraham Louis Perrelet inventedrepparttar 149208 self winding movement.

Watch making enters its prime period inrepparttar 149209 years that followed. In 1791, J.F. Bautte foundedrepparttar 149210 watch company that would eventually become Girard-Perregaux. In 1820, Thomas Prest registers a patent forrepparttar 149211 self-winding watch. In 1833 Antoine LeCoultre started his own watch making business that would eventually become Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Other big names and when they were founded:

Minerva founded in 1858 Heuer founded in 1860 Zenith founded in 1865 Movado founded in 1881 Rolex founded in 1905 Citizen founded in 1918 Seiko founded in 1924

But probablyrepparttar 149212 most innovative and best-selling watch of all time isrepparttar 149213 Timex. Timex createdrepparttar 149214 Waterbury pocket watch inrepparttar 149215 1880s and made affordable timekeeping a mainstay forrepparttar 149216 average man.

Murdered woman comes back to help catch her killer.

Written by Stephen Hill

I am very interested in reading about ghostly stories and spirits etc. A couple of years ago I heard about a story which is apparently true, about a murder which was solved fromrepparttar grave.

This happened inrepparttar 149116 UK.

A woman in her twenties always believed she had special powers of being able to have contact withrepparttar 149117 spiritual world, however she did not want these powers and she certianly had never told anybody else about it. Forrepparttar 149118 purpose of this article, I will callrepparttar 149119 lady Sue.

One evening about five miles away from where Sue lived, another young lady who I will call Lisa, was brutally murdered by somebody she had never met before.

Sue and Lisa had never met.

As you may be aware,repparttar 149120 police find it harder to solve murder cases whererepparttar 149121 victim is unknown to their killer. These types of murder are also quite rare.

Later that evening Sue was awaken by a noise in her bedroom. As she sat up there was a woman on her bed sobbing, it was Lisa. Sue who was strangely quite calm asked her, who she was, why she was crying and why she was in her bedroom.

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