History of the Claddagh rings

Written by Paul Gibney

The Claddagh ring is Irelands most romantic and enduring Celtic jewelry tradition. It is customary forrepparttar ring to be worn as a wedding or engagement ring and then to be handed down from generation to generation. Claddagh itself is one of Ireland’s oldest fishing villages just outside Galway City inrepparttar 135164 west of Ireland. Legend has it that one of its residents a Richard Joyce was abducted while out fishing, by Moorish pirates and taken back to Tunisia. There he was to become a slave and learnedrepparttar 135165 craft of a Goldsmith. In 1670 he was released when King William III came torepparttar 135166 throne and concluded an agreement whereby all his subjects who where held captive were allowed to return to their homes. Richard`s former master pleaded with him to stay, marry one of his daughters and inherit half of all his wealth. But all to no avail Richard was returning to his one true Irish love back in Claddagh. When he arrived home he found that his true love was unmarried and still waiting for him. They set up a Goldsmiths store together. Where Richard maderepparttar 135167 first Claddagh rings and used at their own wedding.

What is Local Search Engine Optimization and Who Are Your Relatives?

Written by Kathleen Jerauld-Brack

Your business website is finally up and now comesrepparttar task of getting found onrepparttar 134939 incredibly huge Internet neighborhood.

Where to begin?

Well,repparttar 134940 first thing most people do is head for a major search engine like Google, or Yahoo. And while that is a good idea, there is much to learn before laying out those precious dollars on ads and clicks. Most of us become totally confused onrepparttar 134941 breadth of information we must learn in order to be savvy marketers usingrepparttar 134942 search engines. And, if you are busy running your business 150% ofrepparttar 134943 time, who hasrepparttar 134944 time?

The first rule we all like is ‘keep it simple”. So start off modestly and testrepparttar 134945 waters as you go. Identify your market. Do your customers come from all overrepparttar 134946 country, or mostly from nearby areas?

For most brick and mortar businesses onrepparttar 134947 Internet, your bread and butter still comes fromrepparttar 134948 local neighborhoods and adjoining states.

So try this:

After developing a strong list of keywords related to your specific business, look for other attractions that are geographically near your business as well.

For instance, is there a state park near you? If you sell hiking boots and there is a state park near you, wouldn’t it make sense to target those people looking forrepparttar 134949 state park? Won’t they need hiking boots? Add some ‘state parks in your area’ related keywords to your list.

Say you live in Jamestown and you sell fishing gear. Wouldn’t it make sense to take advantage ofrepparttar 134950 presence of some ofrepparttar 134951 other popular things related torepparttar 134952 water attractions in your same area? People who are looking for fishing gear also look for boats, boat supplies, life preservers, local marinas andrepparttar 134953 like. You won’t need to use really specific keywords like ‘The Fish and Bones Marina in Jamestown’ for instance, just add something general like ‘marinas near Jamestown’ in your keyword list. Fishermen (and fisherwomen), who are planning to come to your area to fish, are more likely type in ‘marinas in Jamestown’ than a specific marina name anyway if they are new torepparttar 134954 area. Their results will not only showrepparttar 134955 marinas in Jamestown, but your fishing gear business as well, underrepparttar 134956 same keywords. Later, when they need fishing gear, they will already be familiar with your business name. Target more attractions and they will see your name again and again.

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