History of Spanish Coffee

Written by Randy Wilson

When we think of Spanish coffee we tend to think of a steaming mug of coffee with rum or other alcohol and topped with whipped cream, butrepparttar Spanish influence onrepparttar 145512 coffee industry reaches much further thanrepparttar 145513 bar in a ski lodge.

Spanish ships carried coffee plants and seeds to many remote areas ofrepparttar 145514 world where coffee was not native but soon became central growing hubs. Descendants of Spanish conquistadors settled in Central and South America where they created huge plantations for growing Spanish coffee.

Coffee originally came to Spain with Turkish immigrants. Not much, if any, coffee was actually grown in Spain but they developed a method for roasting that produces very dark, almost black oily beans that make very strong coffee that is known as Spanish Roast, or Dark French Roast.

Spanish coffee growers in Latin America accounted for nearly half of allrepparttar 145515 coffee exported; however, most Spanish coffee served in Spain comes from Angola and Mozambique and is roasted dark to bring outrepparttar 145516 full flavor.

Coffeehouses in Spain are usually elaborate, elegant gathering places with high ceilings, ornate furniture and waiters in white shirts and black ties. The customers are appropriately dressed andrepparttar 145517 atmosphere is somewhat reserved. Spanish coffee houses are quite different from other regions ofrepparttar 145518 world where a casual, informal environment would be expected.

Cooking Roast Prime Rib on the Grill 

Written by Hans Dekker

Loverepparttar taste of prime rib? Loverepparttar 145511 taste of barbecue? You can combine them together for cooking roast prime rib onrepparttar 145512 grill. It takes a bit longer than hamburgers, but cooking roast prime rib onrepparttar 145513 grill gives you a fabulous roast that everyone enjoys.

You need a lot of charcoal for cooking prime rib onrepparttar 145514 grill. The cooking time is about two hours so you need about 8 pounds of good quality charcoal. Fire uprepparttar 145515 charcoal and wait untilrepparttar 145516 flames die down andrepparttar 145517 charcoal is giving off a good heat.

When cooking prime rib onrepparttar 145518 grill, you don't wantrepparttar 145519 meat to be directly overrepparttar 145520 hot coals. Move them over to one side ofrepparttar 145521 grill so that you can placerepparttar 145522 roast onrepparttar 145523 other side. Before puttingrepparttar 145524 meat onrepparttar 145525 barbecue, rubrepparttar 145526 exterior with a mixture of coarse salt, pepper and herbs.

You can use either bone on or bone off when cooking roast prime rib onrepparttar 145527 grill. You can askrepparttar 145528 butcher to removerepparttar 145529 bones and then tie them back ontorepparttar 145530 meat. This gives yourepparttar 145531 best of both worlds -- easy carving and great tasting ribs.

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