History of Nescafe Coffee

Written by Randy Wilson

If necessity isrepparttar mother of invention then profit may berepparttar 146361 mother necessity. Asrepparttar 146362 Great Depression grippedrepparttar 146363 United States inrepparttar 146364 1930’s and coffee sales plummeted there was a definite need forrepparttar 146365 coffee growers to find new ways to sell their product. Nescafe came torepparttar 146366 rescue.

In 1867 Henri Nestle, a German chemist living in Switzerland, had invented a baby formula for women who couldn’t nurse. By 1900 he had set up production facilities in several countries, includingrepparttar 146367 United States, where he also made condensed milk. Overrepparttar 146368 next thirty yearsrepparttar 146369 company expanded their products to include powered chocolate milk mix and other confectionary products.

In 1930repparttar 146370 Brazilian government approached Nestle to create a new instant coffee that would giverepparttar 146371 consumer another option and atrepparttar 146372 same time increaserepparttar 146373 dwindling coffee exports of Brazil. It took eight years but in 1938 Nestle introduced Nescafe.

Instant coffee was not a new idea; it was originally invented by a Japanese chemist named Satori Kato in 1901 and had been marketed and sold by various companies with disappointing results. Nescafe revolutionizedrepparttar 146374 way instant coffee was made.

Early methods of making instant coffee involved brewing a batch of high-strength, concentrated coffee and then boiling it dry in stainless steel drums;repparttar 146375 residue left behind was instant coffee. The heat involved inrepparttar 146376 boiling process destroyed most ofrepparttar 146377 aromatic and flavorful properties ofrepparttar 146378 coffee. When reconstituted in waterrepparttar 146379 result was a pungent, bitter decoction that little resembled coffee.

Gevalia Coffee Offer

Written by Gary Gresham

Ever wonder howrepparttar Gevalia coffee offer works? Simply try one pound of Gevalia coffee and you receive a 12-cup programmable Gevalia coffee maker as a special gift. Here’s howrepparttar 146360 Gevalia coffee offer works: You will be sent two ˝ lb packages ofrepparttar 146361 Gevalia coffee of your choice andrepparttar 146362 free Gevalia coffee maker withrepparttar 146363 understanding that you will continue to receive additional shipments approximately every six weeks. After your introductory coffee shipment,repparttar 146364 next shipment will arrive about one month later withrepparttar 146365 selections you have chosen in your initial shipment. Then approximately every six weeks you will receive additional shipments of four ˝ lb packages of Gevalia coffee. You may be cancel this arrangement any time after receiving your introductory shipment without obligation to accept any further shipments. The free Gevalia coffee maker is your to keep regardless of your decision. You may also choose different blends or types of coffee and changerepparttar 146366 frequency of your shipments at any time. You will be billed each time you receive a shipment. Prices may vary and a shipping and handling charge will be added. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed and you may return any item for a complete refund.

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