History of Mexican Coffee

Written by Randy Wilson

Mexico has a long history of coffee production as well as its Latin neighborsrepparttar south. Mexican coffee is grown mainly inrepparttar 146095 South central to Southern regions ofrepparttar 146096 country. Coffee from Coatepec and Veracruz is much different from Oaxacan Plumas, which are in turn much different fromrepparttar 146097 southernmost region of Chiapas.

The later is a growing region that borders Guatemala, and you will find similarities between those coffees. In general you can expect a light-bodied coffee, mild but with delicate flavors, but there are exceptions of course. Mexico is one ofrepparttar 146098 largest producers of certified organic coffees, and because ofrepparttar 146099 close proximity, most Mexican coffee is exported torepparttar 146100 U.S.

Coffee was introduced into Mexico duringrepparttar 146101 nineteenth century from Jamaica. Mexican coffee is mainlyrepparttar 146102 Arabica varietal, which grows particularly well inrepparttar 146103 Pacific coastal region of Soconusco, nearrepparttar 146104 Guatemalan border. Inrepparttar 146105 early 1990s,repparttar 146106 southern state of Chiapas was Mexico's most important coffee-growing area, producing some 45 percent ofrepparttar 146107 annual crop of 275,000 tons.

More than 2 million Mexicans grew coffee, most barely subsisting. Seventy-five percent of Mexican coffee growers worked plots of fewer than two hectares. These small cultivators produced about 30 percent ofrepparttar 146108 country's annual harvest; larger and more efficient farms producedrepparttar 146109 rest.

Unique gifts Ė Send food gifts for something delicious and different

Written by Nicole Martins

Whether itísrepparttar Christmas holiday season orrepparttar 146032 middle of summer,repparttar 146033 necessity of having to shop for a birthday or anniversary present is inevitable. While itís always a thrill to find justrepparttar 146034 right gift for a friend or associate, sometimes issues such as lack of time orrepparttar 146035 difficulty of trying to find a unique gift: how many ties can you buy your brother in law, makerepparttar 146036 buying experience stressful and a hassle. Unique gourmet gifts: salmon, lobster, crab and steak

Thereís really no need to buy yet another tie because what your brother in law really wants is a unique food gift such as an assorted steak box featuring specialty cuts of premium beef. This is a gift that he can take outdoors and grill on a nice summer evening or enjoy dining indoors. If you have a seafood lover to please, you can send them anything from smoked salmon gift baskets to a crab bake, lobster bake, or lobster gram. The last two are really fun because your lobster gifts come with live lobster, a pot, lobster bib and other items for a delightful lobster dinner. Crab bakes are generallyrepparttar 146037 same idea only with live crab.

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