History of Hawaiian Coffee

Written by Randy Wilson

Often,repparttar coffee connoisseur is asked, "What isrepparttar 146625 best coffee inrepparttar 146626 world?" Almost unequivocallyrepparttar 146627 answer is… "The one I roast in my kitchen." However, when pressed to name a commercially available beanrepparttar 146628 answer is more often than not, a Hawaiian coffee.

This is quite a remarkable achievement considering thatrepparttar 146629 coffee plant was not introduced to Hawaii until 1825, almost a thousand years after commercial cultivation began in other, older, growing regions ofrepparttar 146630 world. Hawaiian coffee growers have benefited from many centuries of trial and error without ever having pruned a branch, you could say thatrepparttar 146631 coffee gods savedrepparttar 146632 best for last.

Humans first set foot on Hawaiian soil around 600 A.D. The same time that a goat herder in Ethiopia was observing his goats odd, excited behavior after eating a strange cherry-like berry from a curious bush. Intrigued by their enthusiasm,repparttar 146633 shepherd picked a basketful for himself but upon tastingrepparttar 146634 bitter fruitrepparttar 146635 shepherd tossedrepparttar 146636 entire basket intorepparttar 146637 fire in disgust.

Asrepparttar 146638 fire burned awayrepparttar 146639 husks ofrepparttar 146640 berry andrepparttar 146641 seed, or bean, began to roast and crackle a very enticing aroma was released andrepparttar 146642 peasant herder had another idea, to infuserepparttar 146643 roasted beans with boiling water. What was born wasrepparttar 146644 world’s most popular beverage for a millennium to come.


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