History of Coffee Timeline!

Written by Randy Wilson

Inrepparttar Beginning:
Inrepparttar 142283 Coffee Timeline, myth has it that roughly aroundrepparttar 142284 ninth century an Abyssinian goat herder named Kaldi discovered some of coffees stimulant properties.

History of Coffee Timeline:

An unusual timeline of coffee and history for you're viewing pleasure.

Before 1000 A.D.: Whenrepparttar 142285 people ofrepparttar 142286 Galla tribe in Ethiopia, mixed a particular berry ground up with animal fat they noticed a rise in their energy.

1000 A.D.: when Arab traders first broughtrepparttar 142287 coffee bean back to their homeland to farmrepparttar 142288 bean first time. Also made a drink out ofrepparttar 142289 coffee bean that they called "qahwa".

1453: Ottoman Turks pioneered coffees forrepparttar 142290 first time. A little unknown possible fact is that if a Turkish man doesn't give his wife a daily portion of coffee she can divorce him.

1475: Legend has it thatrepparttar 142291 first known coffees diner opened in Kiva Han making this is one more to add torepparttar 142292 history of coffees legend.

1511: The foul Governor Khair Beg ofrepparttar 142293 land of Mecca attempted a ban on coffee for fear of a riot against him. For this actrepparttar 142294 King of Mecca made coffee sacred and had Khair Beg put to death.

1607: Its believed that North America was introduced to coffees by Capt. John Smith atrepparttar 142295 Jamestown colony in Virginia.

1615: The Pope Clementrepparttar 142296 VIII heard of Italian merchant selling coffee and was informed by his priests that coffee wasrepparttar 142297 tool ofrepparttar 142298 devil. Clement, not to be foolish, requested a sample ofrepparttar 142299 coffee and in doing so fell in love with it, so he baptized it and made it a "truly Christian Beverage."

1645: It's believed thatrepparttar 142300 first coffee diner opened in Italy.

1652: The first coffee house opens in England. By popular demand more coffee diners open forrepparttar 142301 rich and commoners. Due to quality discussionsrepparttar 142302 coffee shops were labeled "Penny Universities" because ofrepparttar 142303 price of coffee.

1668: Beer: New York's City's favorite breakfast drink was replaced by coffee.

1668: Lloyd's of London almostrepparttar 142304 most purchased insurance provider in London became famous from when it first opened as a coffee diner. That travel merchants and insurance salesman frequented.

1672: The first Paris coffee diner opens.

1675: When Franz Georg Kolschitzky escapedrepparttar 142305 Rebel Turkish Soldier's in Vienna to lead military aid back torepparttar 142306 city. The skedaddling Turkish rebels left behind a bag of coffee grounds. Snatchingrepparttar 142307 grounds as his reward, Franz usedrepparttar 142308 grounds to open Europe's first coffee diner and in doing so refinedrepparttar 142309 method of filteringrepparttar 142310 grounds and adding sugar for sweetener.

1690: The Dutch smuggled a coffee plant out ofrepparttar 142311 Arab port "Mocha" for transplantation and cultivation. This is whererepparttar 142312 name "Java" comes from which is one ofrepparttar 142313 cities that opened a plantation.

1713: Gabriel Mathieu do Clieu in 1723 steals a seedling from France. Within 50 years an estimated 19 million coffee plants, 90 percent ofrepparttar 142314 world's coffee spreads from this plant.

Chocolate Tasting Techniques

Written by Shauna Hanus

First of all start with an empty stomach. This has never been too much of a stretch for me, I am always willing to sample chocolate before dinner. Next, haverepparttar chocolate atrepparttar 142218 recommended 66-77 F. Finally allowrepparttar 142219 chocolate to sit in your mouth for a few moments. This will help to releaserepparttar 142220 principal flavors and aromas. Afterrepparttar 142221 chocolate has set for a few moments chew it slightly to releaserepparttar 142222 secondary aromas. Restingrepparttar 142223 chocolate againstrepparttar 142224 roof of your mouth will allow allrepparttar 142225 flavors to be enjoyed.

Fun Fudgy Cookies

1 Cups flour 1⁄8 tsp salt 1 Cup semisweet chocolate chips Cup Butter 1 Cup granulated sugar 2 eggs 1 Cups chopped walnuts

Preheat oven to 375 F

Combine flour and salt in a small bowl and set aside. Melt chocolate chips in a double boiler. Remove from heat and cool. Beat together until smooth butter, sugar and eggs. Beat in melted Chocolate. Gradually addrepparttar 142226 flour and salt torepparttar 142227 wet ingredients. Stir in nuts.

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