History Helped Shape The Future of Remote Viewing.

Written by Jonina Dourif

History Helped Shape The Future of Remote Viewing.

The public perception of Remote Viewing should not be dictated by opportunistic story tellers butrepparttar history needs to be recorded byrepparttar 127662 factual events andrepparttar 127663 actual people. It all began betweenrepparttar 127664 years of 1982 and 1983 while a prominent psychic who was working with a world-renowned physicist realized a breakthrough discovery in psychic phenomenon. The discovery wasrepparttar 127665 existence of a set of protocols which could produce accurate psychically derived data on a consistent basis using only a trained mind and a stack of plain white paper. The psychic research project was initially funded byrepparttar 127666 CIA and then later picked up byrepparttar 127667 DIA. This wasrepparttar 127668 military's competitive response torepparttar 127669 alleged Soviet psychic warfare program duringrepparttar 127670 cold war. Even though there was a hope for psychic performance, nobody really expectedrepparttar 127671 results that were discovered and put into motion. The most astounding fact was that they (we) had proven that this new psychic technique could be taught like a language and anyone could learn it.

This wasrepparttar 127672 beginning of something very substantial - a technology that turned psychically derived data from a happenstance gift into a skill that anyone could learn. And just like any other skill, personal performance improves with practice. Forrepparttar 127673 first time in human history, this not only provedrepparttar 127674 existence ofrepparttar 127675 sixth sense but forever changed what was possible to achieve withrepparttar 127676 human mind. And for those that actually practiced and mastered this new skill, they foresawrepparttar 127677 opening of a completely new era of consciousness, a place where only a few would feel comfortable withrepparttar 127678 knowledge and even fewer would want to tread.

The discoverers named this new technology Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV) and kept it a tightly held secret throughoutrepparttar 127679 eighties. There were only five people initially trained and only two out ofrepparttar 127680 five served inrepparttar 127681 Defense Intelligence Agency's (DIA) newly formed Remote Viewing unit. The other three left and did not continue to practice their new learned skill. However, two officers who were trained CRVers trained others and for a short time they enjoyed a working environment where CRV could strut its stuff - but it didn't last long. The coming of Desert Storm andrepparttar 127682 rotating fabric ofrepparttar 127683 institutional umbrella of government caused this very curious top secret unit to become a revolving door where people were passed off for lack of assignments or to wait out their retirements.

By 1995repparttar 127684 unit had passed throughrepparttar 127685 hands of a number of military and civilian administrators who, either for ego or just sheer ignorance, turned it into a psychic circus. They brought in tarot card readers and channelers to work with only one partially trained remote viewer who was left. Secretaries were being solicited to channel and street witches were performing readings. It's no wonder that this group lost its government funding and was picked back up as a research program byrepparttar 127686 CIA inrepparttar 127687 early nineties. This wasrepparttar 127688 sketchy group that two civilian researchers were sent to evaluate and finally served in putting a final kibosh to with their "1995 CIA/AIR Report." It's surprising thatrepparttar 127689 report was as positive as it was considering there were no remote viewers left. But they claimed that they were evaluating "remote viewing" and that "the program" had spanned throughout a twenty four year period of time. Unbeknownst torepparttar 127690 two researchers, they had no access torepparttar 127691 DIA's RV operational unit which had been utilizingrepparttar 127692 phenomenal breakthrough discovery for almost a decade.

In 1995,repparttar 127693 CIA hiredrepparttar 127694 most powerful publicity agency inrepparttar 127695 country to announce its grand declassification of their "Remote Viewing program". The reason they declassified their program at this time was because PSI TECH had launched a book deal and was about to go public with its Technology in a big way.

The CIA set up several interviews on national TV news shows and brought out one of their natural psychics and two researchers to tellrepparttar 127696 public that such an experimental psychic spy program did exist BUT that it could not be taught to others or scientifically proven. The CIA's declassification campaign was clever in that it used just enough truth wrapped around several mistruths and omittedrepparttar 127697 pivotal breakthrough discovery that ANYONE could be taught to do this.

PSI TECH had already been promulgating Remote Viewing information torepparttar 127698 public since 1991 sorepparttar 127699 avid PSI seekers and special interest groups had already been privy to real information about "the Remote Viewing Operational Unit" from where PSI TECH had sprung. The 1995 CIA Campaign publicizedrepparttar 127700 declassification of only "their" specific Remote Viewing research program. They did not address or mentionrepparttar 127701 DIA's decade ofrepparttar 127702 RV operational unit, nor PSI TECH's earlier release of this information. The CIA's Grand Publicity Campaign served only to confuserepparttar 127703 issues and diminishrepparttar 127704 veracity of PSI TECH's mission. The CIA spin doctors old maneuver of trickery by omission was successful and they knew that good old competitive capitalism would finishrepparttar 127705 job for them.

The Colour of Electrons and the CCD

Written by Charles Douglas Wehner

The world of physics is a strange world indeed.

Atrepparttar end ofrepparttar 127661 nineteenth century it was found that a negatively charged metal plate would discharge when illuminated, but a positively charged one would not.

Then it was found by some researchers that NO metal plate would discharge.

Other researchers found that red light had no effect, but blue dischargedrepparttar 127662 plate.

The "photoelectric effect" was a mess.

Max Planck discovered that light consisted of particles. And each particle (or quantum) had an energy that could be defined as Joules.

The science was very simple. Takerepparttar 127663 frequency of that light particle, multiply by Planck's constant, and you find how many Joules of energy are in that particle.

You could even pretend that this light particle collided with an electric particle -repparttar 127664 electron. If so, it would transfer its energy to that electron in justrepparttar 127665 same way asrepparttar 127666 chemistry of a battery energises electrons.

So we could definerepparttar 127667 near infra-red as 1.7 electron volts, and atrepparttar 127668 other end ofrepparttar 127669 spectrum ultra-violet begins at 3.2.

For this he gotrepparttar 127670 Nobel prize.

Withrepparttar 127671 electron-voltages of light being now defined, Einstein decided to tacklerepparttar 127672 problem ofrepparttar 127673 metal plate. Why was it that only NEGATIVE electricity would be discharged? Because there is only one kind of "charge-carrier". Or so it seemed atrepparttar 127674 time.

Why did some researchers find that NO metal plate would discharge? Becauserepparttar 127675 voltages are LOW. Evenrepparttar 127676 slightest film of grease or dirt could INSULATE against less than 3.2 volts.

And why did blue light work when red did not? The answer lay in Planck's electron voltages.

Einstein discovered thatrepparttar 127677 effect varied withrepparttar 127678 TYPE of metal used for that plate. Each element, sodium, potassium, iron, copper,repparttar 127679 noble metals such as platinum &c., had a unique voltage.

That voltage representedrepparttar 127680 energy that had to be present inrepparttar 127681 light in order to freerepparttar 127682 electrons.

That voltage became known asrepparttar 127683 WORK FUNCTION.

Knowing this, scientists began to researchrepparttar 127684 forces that hold atoms together. Inrepparttar 127685 technical literature, Einstein's name was cited so often thatrepparttar 127686 Nobel Prize Committee could not ignore it.

So Einstein wonrepparttar 127687 Nobel Prize.

It is true that further researches modifiedrepparttar 127688 simple model that scientists had used. For example,repparttar 127689 particle model of Planck suggested that an ultra-violet "PHOTON" could travel for thousands of millions of years through space, retaining its 3.2 eV energy - and NEVER become two photons at 1.6 eV each.

This isrepparttar 127690 LAW OF CONSERVATION OF MATTER.

But after that huge journey, it needs only for that photon to hit a suitable crystal and it does indeed divide. You get TWO photons forrepparttar 127691 price of ONE. This is only possible ifrepparttar 127692 photon consists of NOTHING.

Sorepparttar 127693 wave model of light began to supervene. Waves consist of nothing but a pattern. And questions were asked as to whether there is a SUBSTANCE in whichrepparttar 127694 waves are formed. Does space consist of aether?

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