Hints And Tips On Scrapbooking Baby’s “Firsts”

Written by Elaine Clay

It is true to say that a lot of people begin to getrepparttar scrappin’ bug after their child/children are born and usually their first attempt at scrapbooking is making a baby album.

Having a child is one ofrepparttar 116152 most important events in our lives and baby’s first year is a busy, lively, ever changing journey of discovery. It is full of important milestones…

No wonder then, as parents we want to capture and record all those many memorable moments - preserving them in scrapbooks is a great way to safely keep and cherish those memories for years to come.

One timeless and extremely popular baby scrapbooking idea is to make an album that consists of ‘firsts’. This is a relatively easy and flexible theme to follow, especially for someone new to scrapbooking and is a great way to create enchanting baby scrapbooks.

This kind of album usually consists of a scrapbook arranged in chronological order with individual layouts showing special and notable moments in your baby’s life.

New babies are so photogenic it’s hard to resist capturing allrepparttar 116153 big and little things that make up their day-to-day lives.

No doubt you will have lots of pictures to sort through – so here’s a small list of ‘firsts’ to give you some ideas for organizing your photos:

-- sleep/nap -- bottle/breast feed -- diaper change -- dressed in their first outfit -- ride in a car seat -- smiles -- bath -- trip out inrepparttar 116154 buggy -- solid food -- teeth -- sitting up -- drinking from a cup -- feeding him/herself -- crawling -- walking withrepparttar 116155 furniture -- steps/walking on their own -- hair cut -- halloween -- Christmas

All about Minibikes and Pocketbikes

Written by Gisbert Oskam

Copyright 2004 Gisbert Oskam

For those who were too small or too young to griprepparttar handles of a motorcycle, minibikes were a worthy alternative. Minibikes were about 4 feet tall, weighed as little as 65 pounds, and had wheels about 10 inches in diameter. With a frame like that, they didn't go very fast - but no one seemed to care.

As minibikes progressed, they soon came available with engines, brakes, suspension and headlights. They became more popular for off-roading than to race. Minibikes managed well in rough terrain and were not damaged with a fall.

Because ofrepparttar 116151 small size ofrepparttar 116152 bikes andrepparttar 116153 young age ofrepparttar 116154 drivers, minibikes were outlawed on main roads. Children began seriously injuring themselves by driving on streets where cars could not see them. By 1973, withrepparttar 116155 law was much stricter with minibikes and withrepparttar 116156 first generation of enthusiasts graduating to real motorcycles, minibikes purchases slowly started to fade.

Now however, there is a whole new generation that has discoveredrepparttar 116157 fun-factor ofrepparttar 116158 mini bike or pocket bike. The latest trend is to get a minibike and then totally customize it into a super pocket bike. All kinds of accessories are available to facilitate this. Think custom saddles, headlights, chrome -everything- and of course engine kits to increaserepparttar 116159 power ofrepparttar 116160 mini motor bike.

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