Hilary Duff- Way Over Exposed!!!

Written by Please get someone who isn't annoying on!

Okay, I use to like Hilary Duff but every since she got a record deal, I can't stand her. After hearing her co star Lalaine sing, I was sickened by Hilary Duff getting a record deal. But then I realized why she did, Disney and her record company can make money off of her even more so. I mean she'srepparttar perfect marketing gimmick. Goodie two shoes, bottled blonde...and always listens to her mommy.

After seeing her constantly on Disney channel I just had to changerepparttar 149897 channel. Then seeing her on ice breakers left a bad taste in my mouth. Look Duff sisters, you're notrepparttar 149898 Olsens. So you can stoprepparttar 149899 whole sisterly love crap already. The girl is 17, but by looking at her image, you'd think she was only a 10 year old. When is she going to stop playingrepparttar 149900 exact character in everything she does? Is she ever going to change and grow up? It was lovely when she started fading from Disney until her recent video started to play too many times on Disney.

Costumes! Do They Reflect On Your True Personality?

Written by William Lezubski

Costumes are a great way to escape reality, and wearing your favorite costume (especially on Halloween night) lets you transform your personality into your desired character of choice, and allows you to become someone else for a day!

Now do you wearrepparttar same Halloween outfit every year, or do you go againstrepparttar 149870 norm, and choose something wild and crazy by adding outrageous makeup, wigs, and accessories! Well, let's have some fun and put your personality torepparttar 149871 test, and see what you usually attract to in a costume design.

What I would like to do is break down some popular themes, and see what costume would appeal to which personality types:

Medieval Renaissance Costumes: A person looking to wear this historic outfit would have charisma, charm, and passion in their blood. You of course love fantasy renaissance, and this era in particular transforms your imagination back to a time whererepparttar 149872 wizard, warlords, and knights battled to gain power and supremacy in their newly developed worlds. Inrepparttar 149873 end your tough macho exterior is protected by human armor, but your true intimate nature is what winsrepparttar 149874 heart ofrepparttar 149875 fairytale Princess.

Batman Costume: Now this is a classic, and seems to be a favorite amongrepparttar 149876 person who loves to be tough and mysterious. You have a big heart though, you look out forrepparttar 149877 vulnerable person, and that is why this character appeals to you. You have to admit, this costume is cool, and you love allrepparttar 149878 high-tech accessories that come withrepparttar 149879 outfit! Don't forgetrepparttar 149880 design will expose all your physical attributes, and you're ok with that, because not only do you want to saverepparttar 149881 world, but also share your appeal with that better half.

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