Hiking Sock Guide: Say Goodbye to Blisters?

Written by Marc Wiltse

Great hiking socks are critical. Do yours deliver in all these important areas? Learn how to pickrepparttar hiking sock that is smart for your trip.

Your hiking socks are probably like you at work... they do a lot more than they're given credit for. They must be comfortable, wick moisture, protect against shear, support your natural posture, keep your feet at a good temperature, distribute pressure, promote circulation, absorb shock, and be tough. That's no small order.

They are almost as important as your boots and shoes when it comes to your comfort. Here are some things to consider.

Blood Flow- This isrepparttar 142993 circulation of blood throughrepparttar 142994 foot. A decrease or cut-off in blood flow can be caused by unyielding fabrics in hiking socks. Acrylics in combination with other fibers and a terry weave can help with this and shear.

Moisture- With exertion one foot can sweat 1-2 pints of vapor/fluid per day. That's why wicking technology in hiking socks is so important. Without it bacteria and fungus can become a problem. Hungry yet? ;-)

Position- If your hiking socks don't help to maintain correct anatomical alignment this can cause premature fatigue. Correct posture also helps to correctly position your foot in your boot or shoe to make it feel like it's an extension of your body.

Pressure Areas- Pressure can cause discomfort and lead to damage if it's not addressed. A good example of this is a bedsore. Most people hopefully won't experience pressure to this degree, but it's something you want to keep in mind when looking at hiking socks. Padding is especially important around bony areas likerepparttar 142995 heal and ball ofrepparttar 142996 foot.

Bowling Etiquette - Do's & Don'ts

Written by Balaji B

Bowling, like any other sport, has a set of DO'S and DON'TS that must be followed so that all can enjoyrepparttar game. The rules are based on common sense, and express courtesy and good sportsmanship.

Here are ten ofrepparttar 142992 most important ones:

1) DO yieldrepparttar 142993 'right of way' When two bowlers are on adjacent lanes, and simultaneously ready to bowl,repparttar 142994 bowler onrepparttar 142995 right delivers first. The other bowler ought to remainoff or torepparttar 142996 rear ofrepparttar 142997 approach area. This rule doesn't apply ifrepparttar 142998 bowler onrepparttar 142999 left is shooting for a spare.

2) DON'T take a practice swing with your bowling ball onrepparttar 143000 concourse or behindrepparttar 143001 approach. Wait until you are uponrepparttar 143002 approach itself before doing any practice exercises.

3) DO be ready when it's your turn to bowl. Remain in your lane area while your teammates are bowling, don't wander off.

4) DON'T use an excessive amount of body gyrations atrepparttar 143003 foul line after deliveringrepparttar 143004 ball. Confine your body 'English' to your own lane.

5) DO bowl immediately when it is your turn. Once you have your ball, assume your stance and start your delivery, it isn't necessary to wait for lanes on either side of you to be cleared before you bowl, just observerepparttar 143005 'right of way' rule.

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