Highly Recommended 'Pre-Fab' Marketing Business

Written by Kerry Hawkins (MPhil)

Unfortunately most 'ready-made' business sites don't seem to be very user or customer friendly and are extremely expensive for what is being offered. Most of these programmes have only one way to make you money, you sendrepparttar traffic and they closerepparttar 102373 sale!? However, one 'pre-fab'affiliate marketing business,repparttar 102374 CBMall can be highly recommended. The Premier-CBMall has 15 ways to make you money and they do virtually all ofrepparttar 102375 work. You just send traffic to your unique URL. The CB in CBMall stands for ClickBank. Clickband sell nothing butrepparttar 102376 most demanded products selling onrepparttar 102377 net...Digitally Downloadable Information Products. This clever 'ready-made' site offers thousands ofrepparttar 102378 top-selling, most popular products fromrepparttar 102379 clickbank network. These arerepparttar 102380 'cream' as they convert browsers into buyers.

How to win the advertising and promotion game

Written by Buniei R Ahn

I am certain that, as a business owner, you have often entertainedrepparttar question as to how much to spend and where to spend your advertising dollars. For most small business owners, these questions can add torepparttar 102372 headaches suffered inrepparttar 102373 course of normal everyday operations of their business.


The how much to spend and where to spend it questions have no easy answers.

Depending on your type of business, many people suggest thatrepparttar 102374 *how much* should be equal to anywhere from 4% to 10% of your gross receipts.

The quandary is that a business cannot survive without a fresh flow of incoming customers. But, a business can seldom generate a fresh stream of customers without spending money to getrepparttar 102375 word out about their business.


Have you ever paid for advertising and sat back to awaitrepparttar 102376 fresh flow of customers, only to find yourself sitting and sitting and then sitting some more?

Donít feel bad about that. It has happened to many of us before.

See, knowing where to spendrepparttar 102377 advertising money is not enough to getrepparttar 102378 job done.

Where to spendrepparttar 102379 money only begins to highlightrepparttar 102380 other issues connected with advertising:

∑ Marketing Plan ∑ Advertising Strategy ∑ Headlines, Ad Copy and Visual Presentation ∑ Trackingrepparttar 102381 Success of Your Advertising Campaigns


The Marketing Plan is used primarily to identify your own products and services, costs, strengths, weaknesses andrepparttar 102382 strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

To learn more about constructing your own marketing plan, visit repparttar 102383 Small Business Administration website for a comprehensive study ofrepparttar 102384 elements of a Marketing Plan:



It is important to understand what you expect to gain from your advertising.

Do you simply wish to get your name known so that when your customer will need you, they will think of you first? Or, do you wish to get your customers in your front door on Saturday?

Do you want your customers to come in and take a look around to discoverrepparttar 102385 next object that they cannot live without? Or, do you want them to come in and buy a specific widget?

Do you hope that enough people will come in to buy enough products or services to pay for your single ad? Or, do you expect to gain a lifelong customer who will help pay for your advertising overrepparttar 102386 course of several years?

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