Highest Law...lesson two

Written by Terry Dashner

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Higher Law series Lesson Two

“Evolution of Inalienable Rights”

The Bible declares that man is created inrepparttar image and likeness of God. The Bibles says that God used His own hands to form man out of clay; therefore, man is inexorably connected torepparttar 113457 earth. Maybe that’s why man is at his best when he’s outdoors, close torepparttar 113458 soil. Man is just more in tune with himself andrepparttar 113459 scheme of things when his hands are in dirt. Man can listen to God. Man can hear God speak because God gave him a spirit with ears to hear. Man can see God’s beauty. Man sees God’s hand revealed in His creation; and looking atrepparttar 113460 great expanse, man cries out to God because he needs, he’s made for God’s fellowship. Man is unique inrepparttar 113461 created rank and file. He’s made to reflect God’s image.

Man is made like God so that he might care for his own. Man is caretaker to his wife and children because God is eternal caretaker. Man esteems, he honors his wife and children. And they respect him. God honors those who honor Him. Man seeks fulfillment and peace because God isrepparttar 113462 Prince of Peace. Man is created in God’s image to be like Him, to find his peace in Him, to worship Him. Man is a special being inrepparttar 113463 created order.

If this is true, then why is man so prone to evil? Man is a “fallen” creature. He has stooped to sin and unless he turns to his God for rescue, he playsrepparttar 113464 opposite to a good and merciful Creator. Because man is made like God, he hasrepparttar 113465 potential to do “good” or with his free will (God is a free moral agent) choose to do evil. And it can be a destructive evil—killing, maiming, slandering, deceiving, hurting, fracturing, splintering, dividing, and conducting terrorism inrepparttar 113466 name of a god.

Nonetheless, man and woman are God’s highest created beings, just under God. The Bible says, “When I consider your heavens,repparttar 113467 work of your fingers,repparttar 113468 moon andrepparttar 113469 stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him,repparttar 113470 son of man that you care for him? You made him a little lower thanrepparttar 113471 heavenly beings [Or than God] and crowned him with glory and honor” (Psalm 8: 4-5). Because humanity is so loved by God, He has gone to extremes to win humanity’s love. The greatest feat that God performed for man, in reason to rescue him, was allowing Jesus to redeem (purchase, ransom paid in full) man from sin. That’s what Calvary was all about. God is still rescuing men and women throughrepparttar 113472 Cross. Any one who cries out to Jesus for rescue, according to scripture, will be eternally saved.

“Where it all started”

I’ve chosen this reminder aboutrepparttar 113473 uniqueness of humanity for one reason. I plan to write aboutrepparttar 113474 lifting of human life to its rightful place of sanctity by outlining its history fromrepparttar 113475 Roman Empire (the sanctity of life was at its lowest ebb) torepparttar 113476 present day. I will endeavor to discloserepparttar 113477 sanctity of human life as it has progressed from its worst regard of infanticide in Rome, to its lifting by “inalienable rights” inrepparttar 113478 Enlightenment, to its abortion by choice in present day America. As it has been said so it is true. When good men do nothing, evil men play havoc. Let’s begin.

Life was considered sacred torepparttar 113479 Jew. God instructed Israel to celebrate life, to protect it, to care for it. This does not seem to berepparttar 113480 case with a casual reading ofrepparttar 113481 Old Testament. It appears quiterepparttar 113482 opposite. Israel is led in one brutal war after another. Carnage is everywhere present. But why did Israel fight? The Bible is clear on this point. God wanted a race of people, a nation to be His instrument of righteousness torepparttar 113483 world. He wanted a nation that was unique, unlikerepparttar 113484 polytheistic and devil worshipping nations around them. It was imperative that Israel remained a nation of right standing with God and His law and order. God would one day bring His Son into

Highest Law an Introduction

Written by Terry Dashner

Faith Fellowship Church…PO Box 1586…Broken Arrow, OK 74013…918-451-0270…Pastor Terry Dashner…………

Introduction to a new series… Today I begin a series on supreme law. The debate today among those who determinerepparttar constitutionality of our laws is this: Isrepparttar 113456 Constitution ofrepparttar 113457 United Statesrepparttar 113458 highest law inrepparttar 113459 land or is God’s law supreme. If God’s law is Sovereign overrepparttar 113460 entire universe, then abortion is wrong because it terminates life that only God can give or take away. If God’s law is above all creation, then neither men nor governments may deny another man his “inalienable” rights to live with freedom and liberty. If God’s law is Chief, then no one may deny anyonerepparttar 113461 right to praise, honor, and worship God. We are commanded by scripture (it isn’t optional) to “declarerepparttar 113462 glory” of our God.

Onrepparttar 113463 other hand, ifrepparttar 113464 U.S. Constitution isrepparttar 113465 highest law, then government—executive, legislative, or judicial—may deny or redefine life, liberty, andrepparttar 113466 pursuit of happiness as they please. Ifrepparttar 113467 people of America decide to redefine life, they may do so by vote. Ifrepparttar 113468 Supreme Court ofrepparttar 113469 United States rules that prayer in schools orrepparttar 113470 Ten Commandments is to be banned from all government facilities, then so be it. Ifrepparttar 113471 U. S. Constitution is above God’s law, then voting Americans may rule for or nullify God’s law, with impunity.

You may be like me and seerepparttar 113472 difficulty of choosing man’s law above God’s law. You may read this and disagree with me. That’s your right to do so. But who gives you and merepparttar 113473 right to disagree? Is itrepparttar 113474 state or God? I want to ask you something. Which was first: law or man? You may be thinking what a silly question that is. You answer that man was first and then came law to govern man and protect him in his home and community. The question is answered, you may think.

I demur. I think that law was fist, and then came man. Why do I say this? I say this because I believe that God isrepparttar 113475 first cause inrepparttar 113476 universe (philosophical concept—will explain it another day). He was inrepparttar 113477 beginning before man was. God wasrepparttar 113478 Law unto Himself. By His Law He hasrepparttar 113479 right to exist because He isrepparttar 113480 self-existing one. Nothing, no power, no authority inrepparttar 113481 entire universe can deny Him this. He hasrepparttar 113482 right to speak because He spokerepparttar 113483 universe into existence (that includes creating man). He hasrepparttar 113484 right to create life because He made man fromrepparttar 113485 “dust ofrepparttar 113486 earth”; God “breathed into man’s nostrils and man became” an animated being. God created man in His image; therefore, man is given God rights. God’s Law is innate and universal. Man is endowed by His Creator to live, to speak, to create, and no man may take that right away.

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