High Performing Auto Parts for the World's Best Selling Sports Car – the Mazda Miata 2006

Written by Jenny McLane

A risky venture in 1989 yetrepparttar shrewdest move for Mazda, this little Japanese roadster eventually chalked up 700,000 sales worldwide as it cappedrepparttar 136544 Guinness Book of World Records world's best-selling sports car. Mazda is now looking towardrepparttar 136545 1 million mark withrepparttar 136546 third-generation, 2006 MX-5.

The 2006 Miata will make its debut in Canada this August, It will be calledrepparttar 136547 MX-5 Miata for a year or two, but Canadians and Americans can look forrepparttar 136548 Miata name to disappear after that, unifyingrepparttar 136549 vehicle as an MX-5 worldwide.

It will be wider and more muscular in appearance with a prominent front and rear fender arches that recallrepparttar 136550 same style onrepparttar 136551 flashy RX-8; a more smoothly tapered nose and tail;repparttar 136552 inboard placement ofrepparttar 136553 headlights and taillights; and a particularly appealing revised grille.

The body structure is now 47 per cent more rigid, and has a lower center of gravity that should enhance handling. One unusual feature ofrepparttar 136554 '06 Miata isrepparttar 136555 convertible roof, which, is a manually raised and lowered metal top.

A stiffer unibody structure serves asrepparttar 136556 chassis foundation, with a double-wishbone suspension in front and multilink system inrepparttar 136557 rear. Larger front-brake rotors and 25-percent-stiffer calipers help extract optimal stopping distances fromrepparttar 136558 four-wheel single-piston-caliper disc system.

Honda Parts Meet the Standards of the Reduction of Fuel Emissions

Written by Jenny McLane

Honda ties up with SELEV, “Study of Extremely Low Emission Vehicles”, a Riverside program hosted byrepparttar University of California, which showsrepparttar 136543 advantage of upgradingrepparttar 136544 internal combustion engine technology inrepparttar 136545 reduction of vehicle emissions. Several years ago, this reduction to some level has been conceived impossible but due torepparttar 136546 advancements in technology nowadays everything is made possible and tangible to some extent.

Two years ago, this program has been launched primarily forrepparttar 136547 dwindling environmental condition asrepparttar 136548 main reason. Amongrepparttar 136549 concerned partners of SELEV arerepparttar 136550 U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),repparttar 136551 California Air Resources Board (CARB), andrepparttar 136552 Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association. The university’s College of Engineering Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT) spearheads this innovative research. The study has been endowed by at least $10 million from Ford as a donation. The amount has been of great help forrepparttar 136553 researchers in their tactics of finding ways of lesseningrepparttar 136554 fuel emissions ofrepparttar 136555 new-generation vehicles so as not to add up withrepparttar 136556 already degrading air pollution that poses great risk torepparttar 136557 people’s health.

Going environment-friendly, no wonder, Honda Motors Corporation continues to launch and introduce torepparttar 136558 buying public low-emission vehicles such as that ofrepparttar 136559 latest Honda Accord andrepparttar 136560 rest ofrepparttar 136561 new-generation vehicles in its fleet. Due torepparttar 136562 successful study and promotion ofrepparttar 136563 technology that tests vehicle emissions at lower levels, another milestone inrepparttar 136564 automotive era poses significant measures and likewise challengesrepparttar 136565 entire realm of auto manufacturers inrepparttar 136566 automobile world.

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