High Performance Hubcaps turning around on Parts Train

Written by Jenny McLane

Hubcaps are used to coverrepparttar lug nuts holdingrepparttar 148454 'hub' ofrepparttar 148455 wheel onrepparttar 148456 axle. Those hubcaps are usually bolted on and smaller than 6" in diameter. Later designs that coveredrepparttar 148457 completely metal wheel are called "wheel covers." The terms are now interchangeable. In today’s usage, hubcap can be used as a more generic term covering everything from center caps (covering onlyrepparttar 148458 lug nuts) to wheel covers that hiderepparttar 148459 whole wheel rim.

Parts Train's Hubcaps are either made of plastic or metal. Most customers prefer plastic as it performs better as a wheel cover due to its lighter weight. Metal hubcaps are heavier and tend to come off due to centrifugal force. And they cost a lot more. Mazda custom chrome hubcaps give styled steel or alloy wheels a “high-end” chrome look and are an inexpensive alternative to chromed alloy wheels that may cost up to 20 times as much.

There are Mazda hubcaps that are ABS plastic and triple chrome plated. A major quality of this material is that when it is scratched, it does not degrade further with time and exposure to sun, weather, and salt. Even after some years,repparttar 148460 scratch will lookrepparttar 148461 same as it didrepparttar 148462 first day. Whereas chromed metal, steel or alloy, will react with oxygen and salt, and will rust, pit, scale, or flake after it has been scratched.

Hubcaps come off due to broken clips, faulty installation, or damage from contact with a curb. Sometimesrepparttar 148463 impact from a big pothole or speed bump can knock off a hubcap. Spinning Hubcaps are also available at Partstrain. It is made of a high quality, tough and lightweight, triple-chrome plated ABS plastic with metal retaining clips for a better-fit and superior retention. The rotating outer plate attaches torepparttar 148464 inner portion by an encased bearing. Spinning hubcaps look just as good and are much more economical than spinning rims.

Parts Train Offers the Best OEM Hoods and Aftermarket Parts, Replacement Parts

Written by Jenny McLane

Some hoods for Nissan Altima are made of carbon fiber with UV protected gel coat that will not fade. Steel reinforcement beam and proven to be more durable than others are. The new Nissan Maxima has a sculpted hood and a nose that dips low towardrepparttar road.

A wrap-around design available at Parts Train gives your Nissan Altima hood a sleek aerodynamic appearance. Parts Train's hoods allows for easy hood cleaning and waxing. It is made of rugged impact-modified acrylic;repparttar 148453 design helps protect your hood from damage by rocks and bugs.

A raised area on a hood with a front- or rear-facing opening is called hood scoop. Many hoods are manufactured with a built-in scoop, but a scoop also can be added to a smooth hood. Scoops often are made from steel fiberglass or carbon fiber. Some hood scoops are purely for show and only look like they have an opening. Others have a front-facing opening to feedrepparttar 148454 motor cooler air from outsiderepparttar 148455 engine compartment, which improves performance because cool air is denser than warm air. Still other scoops feature a rear-facing opening to vent hot under hood air; this style often is referred to as a cowl induction hood.

The Nissan Maxima Hood has Zone Body construction that incorporates a high-intensity cabin structure with cross-members and reinforcements. Front and rear crumple zones help absorb impact energy before it reachesrepparttar 148456 passenger compartment. Hood buckling creases allowrepparttar 148457 hood to buckle at predetermined points, helping prevent it from intruding intorepparttar 148458 passenger compartment in certain frontal impacts.

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