High Intensity Interval Training: A New Frontier in Fat Loss

Written by Nathan Latviatis

Are you exercising for long periods of time to try to burn fat? If youíre like most people you probably are, but there is a better, more efficient way. Itís called ďhigh intensity interval trainingĒ (HIIT) and lately it has started to become pretty famous for its obvious health benefits.

-So, just how do you perform HIIT?

Simply put, HIIT is based around this concept: Go fast then go slow. Repeat. You can perform HIIT routines on pretty much any machine you want like a treadmill, elliptical machine, cycling machine, or apply it to almost any sport (swimming, cycling, running). Try to keeprepparttar bursts of speed at around 90%-100% of max effort.

Here is a sample HIIT routine:

Sprint 20 Seconds

Rest 10 Seconds

Repeat 4-8 Times


Sprint 15 Seconds

Rest 5 Seconds

Repeat 4-6 Times

These are just samples, you can change it however you want (you could even use distance instead of time). Remember though, HIIT is based aroundrepparttar 131325 concept of fast bursts of work. Also, to continually challenge yourself and also to continually make progress you should increaserepparttar 131326 level of effort required. You could add extra sprint cycles torepparttar 131327 routine, shortenrepparttar 131328 rest periods, lengthenrepparttar 131329 sprint periods, try to run farther inrepparttar 131330 set amount of time, or (if you are going for distance instead of time), try to completerepparttar 131331 distance in a shorter amount of time. When starting out on your HIIT routine, donít kill yourselfrepparttar 131332 first time though. You may have to work your way up, donít be afraid to start out at a low intensity with low sprint times and high rest times.

-What Arerepparttar 131333 Benefits of HIIT?

--Major Increase in Fat Loss

In a study done by Tremblay and other authors, two groups were assigned different training regimens. Group A performedrepparttar 131334 regular moderate intensity cardio (like jogging or bicycling) for 20 weeks and Group B performed a HIIT routine for 15 weeks. In repparttar 131335 endrepparttar 131336 results of each group were recorded. Group B lost nine times more fat than Group A and in 5 weeks less! (1)

--Increased Lactic Acid Threshold

Lactic acid is that burning sensation you feel when you work a muscle really hard. Lactic acid is a byproduct ofrepparttar 131337 processes your body uses to make your muscles work. When too much lactic acid accumulates inrepparttar 131338 muscles,repparttar 131339 muscles become fatigued. Youíre lactic acid threshold is how fast your body can removerepparttar 131340 lactic acid in your muscles. When your body can remove lactic acid more efficiently, then you can workrepparttar 131341 muscles at a higher intensity for a longer period of time before they become fatigued. --Shorter Workouts

Winning at Post-Natal Weight Loss: Six Simple Strategies for New Moms ó Part 1

Written by Susan Peach

A healthy pregnancy almost always involves weight gain. But now that babyís here, youíre probably wishing those extra pounds would hurry up and disappear! While it wonít happen overnight, these six simple tips can help you lose that extra weight in a healthy way. (If youíre looking for parts 2 and 3 of this article, you can find them both at http://www.mambomoms.com/articles.html)

1) Try to relax and donít be in too much of a hurry to lose your extra pregnancy weight. Remember, it took 9 months for you to put it on, and you should give yourself at least half that amount of time to take it back off. In fact, eight to 12 months is not an unreasonable amount of time to give yourself. And even if it does take a year to get back to your pre-pregnancy size and shape, those pounds are allrepparttar more likely to stay off because youíve lost them gradually.

You definitely should not be thinking about weight loss at all inrepparttar 131322 early post-partum weeks. Your body needs this time to recover from giving birth, readjust to its pre-pregnancy state, and establish a milk supply for your baby. Besides, most new moms find that a fair amount of weight tends to melt off all by itself in these first few weeks as excess fluids retained in late pregnancy are gradually shed.

Remember that gradual weight loss based on sensible nutrition and enjoyable physical activity isrepparttar 131323 best path to permanent weight loss. This applies whether or not weight gain is due to pregnancy, but when you are dealing with allrepparttar 131324 changes and adjustments that come with having a new baby, itís allrepparttar 131325 more important to take a slow and steady approach so you donít add to your stress level.

And speaking of stress, recent research shows that when youíre stressed, your body releases hormones that can contribute to weight gain. So try not to add to your stress level at this time by putting unreasonable pressure on yourself to lose that extra weight too fast. Instead, take a long term approach and be sure to incorporate some kind of relaxation into your day, whether itís having a nap, a warm bath, or receiving a relaxing back massage.

2) Eat well and nourish yourself with healthy foods so youíll haverepparttar 131326 energy you need to care for yourself and your baby. If you restrict your calories youíll probably get tired, cranky, and lose energy, making you less apt to exercise and less able to take good care of your baby.

Cutting back too much on your caloric intake can also sabotage your weight loss efforts by forcing your body into ďstarvation mode.Ē When your body isnít getting enough fuel, it becomes much more efficient at using what you do give it, so that over time you will actually gain weight rather than lose it. You are much better off to eat well and get regular, moderate exercise to help shed those extra pounds.

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