Hey Sid; I'll Put My Money On The "Kid"!

Written by Richard Vegas

Hey Sid; I'll Put My Money On The "Kid"!

Now,repparttar Fun Part. It is nigh time to find a way to take allrepparttar 127267 buck out of this bucking bronco we callrepparttar 127268 internet. I mean take allrepparttar 127269 gamble out of it!! This bronco is waiting to hand over to you allrepparttar 127270 true riches of life.........and obtain whatever you want... money, health, love, recognition, prestige.

Let's Recap.

You have put uprepparttar 127271 snazziest looking website this side of heaven; you have suffered through allrepparttar 127272 expenses of designingrepparttar 127273 site; finding a hosting company; selectingrepparttar 127274 slickest domain name that any dot com company onrepparttar 127275 internet would be proud of. And what's happening? CROWDS of people are not showing up to your website.

That's a Problem! What'srepparttar 127276 Solution?

You may not realize this, but, very little separates you fromrepparttar 127277 success you desire. A whole lot less than what you think. Most ofrepparttar 127278 people, who have achieved greatness, did so not because they had a head full of smarts, but because they foundrepparttar 127279 inner power within them to go forrepparttar 127280 gusto. And,repparttar 127281 same spot atrepparttar 127282 top ofrepparttar 127283 ladder is waiting for you too.

You want to know why? Because there is ALWAYS room atrepparttar 127284 top. Too many people don't want to go there. They are satisfied to stay right where they're at.

Ask yourself this question. How successful are you right now? Don't answer that. No, I'm kidding. I guarantee you, whatever level of success you have achieved so far is more tied to your attitude than your aptitude. Success onrepparttar 127285 internet or any other playing field can be narrowed down to a systematic formula that never fails.

Desire isrepparttar 127286 Beginning!

Listen, there is magic in desire. There is hope, there is fire, and it'srepparttar 127287 fuel that drives us human beings to achieve greatness.

Let me give you a story to make a point. This is cute. Duringrepparttar 127288 depression ofrepparttar 127289 1930's there were a lot of families starving. No, that's not cute, just hang with me. And in a very busy city there was a little kid who wanted to make some money to help his family.

He decided to sell home grown tomatoes on a busy street corner but he was continually run off by bigger kids who threatened to make his head into a tomato. Dejected he walked away every day until one day he decided to take his tomatoes into a very busy restaurant. He walked up torepparttar 127290 first table and sold 2 tomatoes.

Then a customer at a 2nd table saw what he had and he bought two. Thenrepparttar 127291 owner ofrepparttar 127292 restaurant came over and ushered him out. Well, he watched throughrepparttar 127293 window untilrepparttar 127294 owner was out of sight and he went back in and sold 5 more tomatoes at two other tables. Thenrepparttar 127295 owner ushered him out again. But, he had already sold 9 tomatoes.

He watched again and atrepparttar 127296 right time walked back inrepparttar 127297 restaurant and started selling again. The customers really liked his gumption and started laughing; they were really enjoyingrepparttar 127298 show. And, one ofrepparttar 127299 customers said torepparttar 127300 owner, "leaverepparttar 127301 kid alone". And within five more minutes he had sold all his tomatoes.


Written by Bob Leduc

Every customer looks for 3 special benefits when they do business with you. They may not specifically ask for these benefits. But you're losing sales if you don't automatically provide all three.


Prospective customers may take a long time deciding whether or not they will buy from you. But once they decide to buy, they expect instant results. When people buy a car they want to drive it home today. When they sign up with a health club they expect to look and feel better byrepparttar end ofrepparttar 127266 week.

Look for ways you can reducerepparttar 127267 time your customers have to wait after a transaction before they can start enjoyingrepparttar 127268 results of their decision to buy. Try to deliver your product atrepparttar 127269 point of sale. When that's not possible, look for creative ways to provide a benefit your customer can start enjoying immediately.

For example, a publisher I know recently created a special package combination of his latest "how-to" book in print and several eBooks onrepparttar 127270 same subject. When customers order his new book, they can immediately downloadrepparttar 127271 eBooks on their computer. They don't have to wait forrepparttar 127272 hard-cover book to arrive before they can start enjoyingrepparttar 127273 benefit they paid for.


Customers want products that are easy to use and services that produce results without disturbing their daily routine. You can increase your sales by stressingrepparttar 127274 "easy to use" characteristics of your product or service in all your promotions. Convenience and ease of use are often more important to customers than price.

Simplify your buying procedure too. Make it easier for customers to buy from you and you will get more sales.

For example, many online shoppers are impatient and won't tolerate a lengthy ordering process. Minimizerepparttar 127275 number of times your customer has to click to another screen when ordering online. Use a simple order form instead of a shopping cart if you only offer 1 or 2 items. And don't ask them to give you more information than you need to process their order.

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