Hey Chicken Little, The Sky Ain't Fall'in

Written by Jim Schulte

Hey Chicken Little......The Sky Ain't Fall'in by Jim Schulte copyright (c) 2003

When Chicken Little was running around telling everyonerepparttar sky was falling, many people believed him. Inrepparttar 124229 end however, we all knewrepparttar 124230 sky was in fact, not able to fall.

But if you are a subscriber to any number of newsletters, and most of us are. Then you would have thought that Chicken Little was back again, and thatrepparttar 124231 sky was really falling this time.

I haven't seen that much chaos sincerepparttar 124232 terrorist attacks of 9/11. Publishers running scared, and trying to re-subscribe all of their current subs before October 31st 2003.

It's those damn new laws about that dreaded "S" word that nobody can type because you will be accused of S "ing" someone and you'll lose your entire ezine, newsletter, and whatever else you own onrepparttar 124233 Internet. And why can't anybody's keyboard spell that awful "S" word anyhow?

About a month ago I was involved in one of those panic things with that stupid "Teddy Bear Virus" hoax. I believed that whatrepparttar 124234 person emailed me aboutrepparttar 124235 virus was absolutely true. I spent a lot of time fixingrepparttar 124236 virus, then I spent more time sending out an email to my entire mailbox list sincerepparttar 124237 beginning of time.

When I found out it was a hoax from over 1 year ago I was, to say this least, very embarrassed. I then of course had to sent out another email apologizing to everyone and tell them it was a hoax. They had to dorepparttar 124238 same for allrepparttar 124239 people they sent those emails to.

All I needed to do was stop and think, before I reacted. I should have done some investigating or research before I ran off uninformed and told all of my mailing list that "Rome was burning" and they needed to put outrepparttar 124240 fire.

This past week many publishers were afraid ofrepparttar 124241 effectrepparttar 124242 new S*am laws being enacted in Europe and California were going to do to their newsletters. If they would have researchedrepparttar 124243 topic a little they would have found out that those laws will not be an issue.

If you are using an opt-in or double opt-in subscribing system (and you SHOULD be) you don't have to worry. If you're not using a system like that, then you need to start. That's all there is to it.

Shooting fromrepparttar 124244 hip, and acting on emotion, only clouds your sense of good and honest judgment. Panic does not allow you to process thoughts in a rational way. To think clearly, one must remain calm, cool, and collected. Don't cry wolf if there is a sheep inrepparttar 124245 backyard.

It's a good thing to be protective of what you own. Nobody wants to lose what they've worked so hard to build. Inrepparttar 124246 same token, you can't be over reactive and make crass decisions based on something some one or somebody told you.

Evenrepparttar 124247 best sources, and people we have trusted for years are prone to giving out misinformation, for whatever reason. Always checkrepparttar 124248 source and do your own research. Don't do something because everybody else is doing it, or because "they" said it wasrepparttar 124249 right thing to do or else! Check everything out for yourself, then make a decision.

12 Profit Increasing Tips For Ezine Publishers

Written by Ken Hill

1. Provide your subscribers with special offers, discounts or sales that only they are privy to.

This could include subscriber only bonuses for purchasing your product, a two for one sale, or you could sell your product at a lower price for a limited time to boost your sales.

2. Include a publisher's note or welcome message before you get into your ezine's content.

This will help you to add your personality to your ezine as well as help you to build up your subscriber's trust in you and your business.

Your publisher's note is also a great place to be self promotional by telling your subscribers of any special offers or subscriber only discounts you have running.

3. Use bonuses to get more subscriptions to your publication such as ebooks you've written, ebooks you haverepparttar resell rights to, a marketing course, or anything else that your visitors would find to be valuable.

4. Promote your ezine on every page of your site with a subscription box that advertises your ezine.

Ask for your subscriber's first name on your subscription box so that you can personalize your ezine with your subscriber's name.

5. Swap ads with other ezine publishers. This will give you an effective way to increase your circulation by promoting your ezine in publications that targetrepparttar 124228 same audience as your ezine does.

Swap ads for at least three issues in a row and track your ad swaps so that you will be able to tell which ezines and which ads getrepparttar 124229 best response.

6. Purchase classified ads and sponsor ads in other ezines.

As with your ad swaps track your ads so that you can identify which ezines are best to advertise in and which ads arerepparttar 124230 most effective in increasing your subscriptions.

7. Submit your publication to ezine directories and announcement lists.

This will get your publication noticed by people interested in subscribing to ezines like yours. In addition most announcement lists will allow you to submit your ezine on a weekly or monthly basis which will give you ongoing promotion of your ezine.

Some directories and announcement lists to help you get started are:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sitesandzines/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/List_Of_Lists/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AAnnounce/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/for_all_ezine_publishers/ http://ezine-marketing.com/home.shtml http://www.ezinelocater.com/ http://www.ezinesearch.com/search-it/ezine/ http://www.cumuli.com/ http://www.ezine-universe.com/ http://www.webscoutlists.com/ http://www.freezineweb.com/ http://ezinesplus.com/links/ http://www.bestezines.com/ http://www.netterweb.com/ http://ezine-marketing.com/home.shtml

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