Hey Bozo, Forget Logic and Kiss This!

Written by Richard Vegas

Richard Vegas ©2002

I want to relate to you a story, READ it carefully; for in it layrepparttar hidden secrets ofrepparttar 117497 great mystery ofrepparttar 117498 super successful.

There was once a bridge which spanned a large river. During most ofrepparttar 117499 dayrepparttar 117500 bridge sat with its length running up and downrepparttar 117501 river paralleled withrepparttar 117502 banks, allowingrepparttar 117503 ships to pass through freely on both sides ofrepparttar 117504 bridge.

But at certain times each day, a train would come along andrepparttar 117505 bridge would be turned sideways acrossrepparttar 117506 river, allowing a train to cross it.

A switchman sat in a small shack on one side ofrepparttar 117507 river where he operatedrepparttar 117508 controls to turnrepparttar 117509 bridge and lock it into place asrepparttar 117510 train crossed.

One evening asrepparttar 117511 switchman was waiting forrepparttar 117512 last train ofrepparttar 117513 day to come, he looked off intorepparttar 117514 distance throughrepparttar 117515 dimming twilight and caught sight ofrepparttar 117516 train lights.

He stepped torepparttar 117517 controls and waited untilrepparttar 117518 train was with-in a certain distance when he was to turnrepparttar 117519 bridge. He turnedrepparttar 117520 bridge into position, but, to his horror, he foundrepparttar 117521 locking control did not work.

Ifrepparttar 117522 bridge was not securely in position it would wobble back and forth atrepparttar 117523 ends withrepparttar 117524 weight ofrepparttar 117525 train upon it, causingrepparttar 117526 train to jumprepparttar 117527 tracks and go crashing intorepparttar 117528 river.

He knew this would be a passenger train with many people on it. He leftrepparttar 117529 bridge in position acrossrepparttar 117530 river, and hurried acrossrepparttar 117531 bridge, torepparttar 117532 other side ofrepparttar 117533 river, where there was a lever he could hold to operaterepparttar 117534 lock manually.

He knew he would have to holdrepparttar 117535 lever back firmly asrepparttar 117536 train crossed. He could hearrepparttar 117537 rumble ofrepparttar 117538 train now, and he took hold ofrepparttar 117539 lever and leaned backward to apply his weight to it, lockingrepparttar 117540 bridge.

He kept applyingrepparttar 117541 pressure to keeprepparttar 117542 mechanism locked. Many lives depended on this man's strength.

Then, coming acrossrepparttar 117543 bridge fromrepparttar 117544 direction of his control shack, he heard a sound that made his blood run cold. "Daddy, where are you?" His four-year old son was crossingrepparttar 117545 bridge to look for him.

Hey CyberJunkie, Clean that Booger off Your Nose!

Written by Richard Vegas

By Richard Vegas © 2002

Well....., I got some good news and I got some bad news. It's come to my attention that some of you want to be cyberjunkies. Which do you want first? Iíll give yourepparttar good news first. YOU can!! Itís very simple. The bad news is: Itís not easy and it could be messy. Letís take a look at both. Simple is as simple does. Most everyone reading this is somewhat computer savvy. At least you know how to turnrepparttar 117496 thing on and maneuver around. So, Iím assuming you Havenít just brought it home and taken it out ofrepparttar 117497 box. Most too often, cyberjunkies get caught up inrepparttar 117498 way something works,repparttar 117499 theory behind it and trying to logically make sense out of it. DONíT DO THAT!!

This is one ofrepparttar 117500 main reasons cyberprofiting is not easy. WE make it hard. We make it hard in our own minds.

There are unlimited resources onrepparttar 117501 net to tell you how to do something. But, have you ever noticed how long it takes you to initiate action after you have completely readrepparttar 117502 book you just purchased? YOU make it hard on yourself! Just because you donít understand everything you read or completely follow whatrepparttar 117503 author says, you say to yourself, Iíll wait till I understand it.

Now, Iíve stopped talking to you and gone to preaching to myself.

I want to relay to you a short but amusing story. When I first started onrepparttar 117504 internet it was late 1996. I was single, still am, hummm.........I wonder if that means anything,

Anyway, I was on AOL one night looking at ladies profiles. Well, all of a sudden, this window pops up on my screen and nearly scaresrepparttar 117505 pee out of me. I thought my computer had gone to messing with my head. Anyway,repparttar 117506 window had a send button, so I figured I could type something and send it back.

Well, This lady onrepparttar 117507 other end says to me after some short introductions, "Do you cyber"? I said, "what is cyber"? Now remember, I have only been onrepparttar 117508 internet less than a week. So, she says, "You know" Cyber. I said No, "What is cyber"? She said, "CYBER SEX" in all caps. Kinda like she was getting mad at me.

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