Hestia the Goddess Of Hospitiality

Written by Judi Singleton

Hestia, inrepparttar high dwellings of all, both deathless gods and men who walk on earth, you have gained an everlasting abode and highest honor: glorious is your portion and your right. For without you mortals hold no banquet, - where one does not duly pour sweet wine in offering to Hestia both first and last. ~Homeric Hymn to Hestia~

Hestia wasrepparttar 137346 first and last born to Cronos. She wasrepparttar 137347 first child born to Cronos and Rhea. Because of a prophesy that one of his children would grow up to usurp his throne Crono swallowed her and her andrepparttar 137348 brother and sisters that were born after her. Later duringrepparttar 137349 birth of Zues Rhea was grieving for her children so she tricked Cronos into swallowing a rock that he thought was an infant. He regurgitated allrepparttar 137350 infants and Hestia first swallowed last regurgitated so it is said she isrepparttar 137351 first and last born. Hestia, was a virgin Goddess, she swore a oath that she would never marry. But unlike some ofrepparttar 137352 other virgin goddesses she did not have wild adventures. She lovedrepparttar 137353 home andrepparttar 137354 hearth. Hestia wasrepparttar 137355 hearth keeper. Her job was to literally keeprepparttar 137356 home fires burning. This task or ritual symbolisedrepparttar 137357 nurturing and continuity of a spiritual force withinrepparttar 137358 home.

Travel Safety - How to Take a Fearless Ride by Bus, Train or Taxi

Written by Michelle Annese

Follow these travel safety tips to help you feel more confidentrepparttar next time you use ground transportation on a bus, train, subway or taxi. They should be practiced daily if you use public transportation to and from work or when traveling in unfamiliar towns and cities when on vacation.

Onrepparttar 137345 Bus… Use a bus stop you know is usually busy and is well lit. Knowrepparttar 137346 departure and arrival times and try and let someone atrepparttar 137347 end of your route which bus you plan to catch. They should always meet you at your stop. Sit close torepparttar 137348 driver. If someone starts up a conversation, be pleasant and confident, but never give away personal information like where you live or work.

By Train or Subway… Wait on a well- lit section ofrepparttar 137349 platform, close torepparttar 137350 exit or where there are other people around. Many stations now have security cameras and staff who are trained to deal with emergencies. When you get onrepparttar 137351 train, try to sit in a busy compartment and keep bags and personal possessions right next to you or under your legs.  If you feel uncomfortable, switch seats or even consider getting offrepparttar 137352 train and takingrepparttar 137353 next one. Only do this ifrepparttar 137354 station where you are getting off is manned and busy. Know whererepparttar 137355 emergency button or cord is situated andrepparttar 137356 help points in a station.

Taking a Taxi… Carryrepparttar 137357 phone number of a taxi or shuttle company you know. When you need to book a cab, askrepparttar 137358 company forrepparttar 137359 taxi drivers name andrepparttar 137360 type of car they will be driving. Try and bookrepparttar 137361 taxi you will need to go home with, before you go out onrepparttar 137362 town. When a driver arrives, make sure they knowrepparttar 137363 name it was booked under. If you have to book your taxi in a public place, do it quietly where people are less likely to overhear your name and address. If you can, share a taxi with a friend (always remember, safety in numbers) and have your money and keys ready atrepparttar 137364 end of your trip so you can enter your home quickly. If you ever feel uneasy in a taxi askrepparttar 137365 driver to stop in a busy place you know well and get out.

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