Here an Ebook, There an Ebook

Written by Wayne Patterson

Here an ebook, there an ebook, everywhere an ebook! If Old McDonald had a computer it would be full of ebooks. My inbox is crammed with offers to sell ebooks, publish ebooks, write ebooks, and get filthy rich selling ebooks onrepparttar internet. All that is required is to purchase some guru's ebook and learn his or her amazing secret. I may not be a guru but I have been a farmer. I know what you have to be careful of stepping in when you crossrepparttar 108436 barnyard. That's exactly what most of these offers are full of andrepparttar 108437 only "filthy" you are going to get.

You are considering becoming involved forrepparttar 108438 first time in internet marketing. That means you are a "newbie." You don't know html from email. Naturally you are intrigued byrepparttar 108439 promises of instant wealth. So you surf around with your PayPal account and soon your hard drive is overflowing with useless ebooks. Your credit card is also overflowing with debt. This completes your first lesson in Ecommerce. "The wealth of a few is built uponrepparttar 108440 failures ofrepparttar 108441 many."

Then how are you newbies going to getrepparttar 108442 accurate information necessary to be successful onrepparttar 108443 web? One answer is that you can surfrepparttar 108444 net and cram your hard drive full of ebooks, ezines, and articles atrepparttar 108445 amazingly low price of FR*E! The cruel fact is that many ebooks are out of date and that somewhere onrepparttar 108446 netrepparttar 108447 same information is probably available for FREE. It may take you a little longer to locate but I personally prefer FREE over PayPal. If someone has a secret that will make you an overnight millionaire do you really think he is going to sell it for $19.95?

Getting more out of your visitors.

Written by Brian Holte

I've recently launched my own ebook site back in April and have been brainstorming ways in which to promote my own ebooks, have thought about e-bay but just not sure about. Also, one research strategy I've used when it comes to researching on what people want onrepparttar internet isrepparttar 108435 usual of going to forums and seeingrepparttar 108436 questions that people ask. This seems to work fine but than I thought about another away, like offering a free ebook on a particular niche market, just make it a short 3 or 4 page report, than I develop a webpage outliningrepparttar 108437 benefits as to why my visitor should download it besides it being free. If they decide to download it, they click on a link taking them to a visitor feedback page where I ask them to answer 2 short questions. 1. What other forms of information would they be interested in receiving on that particular niche market. ie. Dog Grooming. 2. What kind of software if any would they like to see developed and would use in relation to their particular interest.

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