Here Comes the Sun (Signs) - Romance, Astrology and You (Part Two)

Written by Heidi Richards, Chief Goddess

Earth Signs

In Part One, I talked about how astrology can determine how you act and react in romantic situations. We also coveredrepparttar fire signs. Earth signs are physical and have to do with primarily material affairs. They are natural and their feet tend to be firmly planted onrepparttar 136338 ground, "earthy" types. The hallmark of earth signs is practicality.

TAURUS - (April 21 – May 21) Taurus is ruled by Venus and its symbol isrepparttar 136339 bull. Taurus is an Earth sign which is connected with fruitfulness and stability. You love luxury and sensual comforts such as silky satin sheets, robes fit for a king or queen and beautiful surroundings. You seek comfort, security and beauty. A perfect romance to you is one that is harmonious and beautiful, even if a bit materialistic. Because of your fondness for pretty things, you will proudly display your possessions and purchasing power. You are easygoing, calm, and comfortable to be around. You enjoy sharing "quiet times" with your love interest and also get excited about everyday activities such as shopping and cooking and dining. You tend to be stubborn and will do whatever you can to get what you want. When it comes to showering affection onrepparttar 136340 object of your desire, you enjoy physical contact. You have a very sensual nature and appreciaterepparttar 136341 pleasures of food, art, music, perfumes, fondling, or sex. Because you appreciate nature; a walk inrepparttar 136342 woods, hiking and rock-climbing may be considered exciting dates. You also love sunsets camping, gardening and simply being outdoors and can be attracted to those who are equally down-to-earth and outdoorsy. As long as your partner or mate displaysrepparttar 136343 qualities of loyalty and honesty qualities which you likely possess, they will have your undying loyalty and a relationship destined to endure.

VIRGO - (August 23 - September 22) Virgo is ruled by Mercury and is symbolized byrepparttar 136344 Virgin. As an Earth sign, Virgo is connected with material things and practicality. The ultimate organizer, you gravitate toward anything that puts your analytical mind to use. Torepparttar 136345 outside world you may appear reserved and tend to hold back your emotions, when it comes to love, it’s no holds barred forrepparttar 136346 loving Virgo. You display great attention to detail which can be considered good fortune or a curse when it comes to relationships. You are good at remembering your partner’s desires (even those that were only mentioned in passing) and love to cater to those desires. To you, organizingrepparttar 136347 object of your affections is considered “flirting.” Your favorite role is to be of help and service to friends and partners. You are witty, perceptive and logical. Your reasoning powers help you to resolve conflicts easily and quickly taking your romance to new depths. You need a partner who will help you loosen your cautious shy nature. You are a good listener and communicator, an important aspect in romance. You love to “fuss” over your partner and can sometimes be seen as critical. Your partner should know though, that if you were not interested, you would not work so hard to help your love interest be “all he or she can be.” Good health is of great concern to you and you work hard to take care of yourself. You aim to please and when it comes to love you fall hard. Virgos are most attracted to those who keep themselves physically fit.

What’s Your IQ on Basic PC Phone (VoIP) Knowledge

Written by By Dee Scrip ©All Rights Reserved.

Short T/F quiz

1.T / F You can save a significant amount of money using VoIP rather than traditional telephone/cell phone calling methods. 2.T / F The minimum requirement for VoIP is a broadband (high speed) connection. 3.T / F VoIP security is not an issue to be concerned about because most computers are protected with firewalls. 4.T / F Over 75% ofrepparttar world will be using VoIP for communication withinrepparttar 135471 next 3-4 years. 5.T / F You can make all your phone calls anywhere inrepparttar 135472 world from your computer. 6.T / F Peer-to-peer (P2P) networks are perfectly safe to use, especially if your computer is protected with firewalls.


1.The answer is True. In fact, it isrepparttar 135473 tremendous savings of up to 80% off traditional phone calling that makes VoIP attractive to consumers and businesses. The only equipment needed for VoIP is your PC and a microphone (if one is not built into your PC). Beware of VoIP service providers that require you to purchase additional equipment and/or sign contracts.

2.The answer is False. Althoughrepparttar 135474 public has been fed a steady diet thatrepparttar 135475 minimum requirement for VoIP is a high speed (broadband) connection, this is absolutely false.

Over 90% ofrepparttar 135476 VoIP providers have used this false premise as a smokescreen to take your focus offrepparttar 135477 fact that their priority was and is to line their own pockets rather than expendrepparttar 135478 time, effort, and funds to develop technology that incorporates dial up capability.

The technology required for dial up connections to use VoIP involvesrepparttar 135479 ability to compress data packets down to a minimum size of 8 kbps prior to traveling overrepparttar 135480 Internet.

3.The answer is False. Security should berepparttar 135481 most important feature of any VoIP solution provider. Firewalls do not incorporate protection for VoIP. VoIP security should incorporate protection against identity theft, Trojan horses, viruses, and worms.

Craig Pollard of Siemens advised that “Voice must be protected like any other application". He further stated that, "Along with IT directors and telecom managers, a number of financial directors came to our road shows, which may not be surprising consideringrepparttar 135482 damaging potential of VoIP threats if a network is not properly protected."

Over 90% of VoIP solution providers do not operate on secure lines. These providers, in order to save a few dollars at your expense, operate on industry standard codec (encryption codes) and industry standard protocols which are publicly open and interpretable. Hacker friendly providers offer hacker manuals, software, programs, and even processor chips that makes accessibility to your computer from these industry standards – as enticing as chum is to sharks in a feeding frenzy.

When a computer hacker gains unauthorized access to your computer, their sole purpose is to steal your identity and sell your personal and confidential information to other criminal entities. In addition, they often plant Trojan horses, viruses, and worms into your computer.

4.The answer is True. Industry insiders such AT&T says, “VoIP traffic is projected to account for approximately 75% ofrepparttar 135483 world’s voice traffic by 2007”. This suggests a major paradigm shift in communication.

5.The answer is True. Not only can you make all your phone calls anywhere inrepparttar 135484 world from your computer, you can also travel with your computer phone. Simply by bringing your unique number and password, you can download your phone with your entire contact list. Of course, PC to PC is usually free between subscribers. PC to telephones and cell phones typically involves fees at drastically reduced rates when compared to traditional calling rates.

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