Here Comes the Sun (Signs) - Romance, Astrology and You (Part Three)

Written by Heidi Richards, Chief Goddess

Air Signs

Air signs have a great deal to do with relationships and intellect and are gatherer knowledge using their intuition andrepparttar head. They are known for getting what they desire and achieving their goals. Their hallmark is making a difference inrepparttar 136340 world, whether it be in their own circle of influence or something much larger.

Gemini - (May 22 – June 21) Gemini is ruled byrepparttar 136341 planet Mercury and is symbolized byrepparttar 136342 Twins. An Air sign, Gemini is connected with communication. You have a way with words. You're good at flirting and teasing, and can be a real sweet talker. Because of your “twins” influence you are clever at adapting your style to suitrepparttar 136343 seduction. You can be witty and clever and easily are attracted to good conversationalists. You loverepparttar 136344 power of suggestion and using double entendres. In fact, you use them proficiently when you are flirting with others, whether they be romantic interests or just passing fancies. You adapt easily to most situations and love to share stores of people, places and experiences, which you skillfully use to arouserepparttar 136345 interest of one you desire. Because you are so tuned into communicating, you can see both sides of a situation. You know there are always at least three sides to every conflict. The sides of each party involved andrepparttar 136346 truth; which you have a knack for discovering. You can be a prolific writer. Love letters, poetry and notes are easily used to seducerepparttar 136347 object of your affection. And mind games are beyond your realm of romantic antics. Internet chat rooms and forums stir your interest. Who knows, you may even find your future mate online. You have been known to give “good phone,” and enjoy long conversations that revolve around romance and sexual innuendos. Flirting is second nature to you and you are almost shameless when it comes to practicing your flirting style. Because of their sometimes short attention span, Gemini lovers are more likely stay around if they feel mentally stimulated.

Libra - Romantic. (September 23 – October 23) Libra is ruled by Venus. An Air sign, Libra is connected with social relationships and its symbol arerepparttar 136348 scales. Known as a diplomat to those closest to you, you have an incredible sense of objectivity and seek harmony and balance in relationships and life. Happiest when you are in love, you can be sweet and sensitive. You love talking about things relating to love and romance such as novels, movies or songs. It is your way of flirting withrepparttar 136349 object of your desires. You are a charming, gracious and considerate lover and can adapt your style to attractrepparttar 136350 one you desire. In fact, you like to be partners in most aspects of life and will find ways of including those you love and admire in your plans, whether it be at work, home or play. Although crowds of people don’t seem to bother you, you prefer spending time with your love interest alone rather than in a group setting. You may start out at a big gala affair, but will look for an appropriate time to get away sorepparttar 136351 two of you can spend time alone together. You are a thoughtful partner and lover and give your full attention to your mate. Giving your undivided attention is your way of flirting. You have a keen interest in others and can lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on. You love courting and or being courted byrepparttar 136352 object of your affection. Hearts and flowers go a long way inrepparttar 136353 romance arena of your life. Librans do not like to be manipulated, fair play is an absolute must.

Volunteers - Tips to Motivate Them

Written by Heidi Richards, MS

"Volunteers, like employees (and children), need proper guidance and training in order for them to be a success in their job." Heidi Richards

Recruiting volunteers is only halfrepparttar challenge in any endeavor. You must properly train them so they will work out to be true assets. As we help volunteers recognizerepparttar 136339 rewards of their service, we must also acknowledge that there may be a downside. Volunteering takes time away fromrepparttar 136340 family or personal pursuits. Good leaders" tell it like it is," being careful not to understate what is expected. Let your volunteers know up front exactly what is involved in their tasks and what is expected of them, and they will appreciate you for it. Personal contact isrepparttar 136341 key to more effective recruiting. While volunteers will respond to public invitations such as media announcements and ads, they respond more easily to personal invitations to become involved. Be careful thatrepparttar 136342 persons being recruited arerepparttar 136343 right fit and not just saying yes to a good "sales pitch." Motivating volunteers means that they feel they are wanted and needed, are an important part ofrepparttar 136344 organization, are accepted byrepparttar 136345 group and that they are contributing torepparttar 136346 heart ofrepparttar 136347 community. Enrolling new volunteers selectively with long-term commitment asrepparttar 136348 primary criteria will ensure that they are "motivated" fromrepparttar 136349 outset. People like being appreciated. We all want to be recognized for our contributions. It makes us feel good when we are thanked for our efforts. Appreciated volunteers are more likely to continue to serve. Recognition should be commensurate to whatrepparttar 136350 volunteer has achieved; it must be earned. False praise can be counter-productive and even offensive to some.

Service to others and a sense of achievement are other key components to motivating volunteers. There is a special satisfaction that goes along with making life a little less difficult for someone else. It makes us feel better about ourselves. When volunteers achieve their goals, telling them is onlyrepparttar 136351 beginning. Telling others in newsletters, press releases and conversation goes along way with enhancing a volunteer's commitment. Community volunteerism is about service to others. Leaders help volunteers recognize that their contributions of time, talent and treasure improverepparttar 136352 quality of life of others as well as themselves.

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