Here's to Your Good Health with Astrology

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

Who doesn’t want to be healthy? I’ve been fascinated with health ever since I can remember. My grandmother’s best friend was bedridden with rheumatoid arthritis since she was in her early thirties. My own mother had chronic mental and physical illnesses (some would call it hypochondria). Seeing these people suffer set me on my path as a healer.

In my family, it was not an easy thing to be interested in good health. Believe it or not, being interested in health opened me to ridicule. Adele Davis, a pioneer inrepparttar health food community, was just beginning to write books like, “Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit”. My father called her a “health food nut” and downed another piece of rare roast beef, two martinis, French fries and a Caesar salad, chased with a chain of PallMalls

My grandparents lived past 95 in excellent health. My parents died at 58 and 60. They cut more than 35 years off those wonderful genes with their lifestyle.

These arerepparttar 122360 principles I advocate for a lifetime of good health.

1.It’s your health. 2.Your physical health and your mental health arerepparttar 122361 same thing. 3.Be yourself.

Let me explain each one with some examples.

#1 It’s your health.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is your health. It’s notrepparttar 122362 doctor’s health orrepparttar 122363 government’s health. It’s your health and it’s your responsibility to keep yourself healthy.

The Greeks had a wonderful saying about this, “After 30, every man is his own doctor.”

If, byrepparttar 122364 time you’re 30, you don’t understand your own body and what makes it work, there is no power on earth that can save you from yourself.

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•Jesus is one of many great healers throughrepparttar 122365 ages. The first question Jesus asked a sick person was, “Do you want to be healed?” Ask yourself this question. Listen to your answer.

•Food is preventive medicine or slow poison. Please learn about your own body; takerepparttar 122366 time to educate yourself about nutrition; and avoid white sugar and white flour as if your life depended on it.

•Know your stress points. When you’re under stress, what’srepparttar 122367 first thing in your body to “go”? Is it your stomach, headaches, your back? From now on, this will be your flagship. Your body knows before you do, it’s time to make a change.

#2 Your physical health and your mental health arerepparttar 122368 same thing.

This principle is nifty for self healing because you can come at a problem either throughrepparttar 122369 mind or throughrepparttar 122370 body.

•If you’re feeling depressed, you can take Yoga and by putting your body into positions of self confidence and life force energy, your spirits will lift.

•If your stomach is tied up in knots allrepparttar 122371 time and you have chronic anxiety, you can raise in your consciousnessrepparttar 122372 idea of self acceptance andrepparttar 122373 concept that you are safe and wanted inrepparttar 122374 world and these symptoms will disappear.

•You can make changes inrepparttar 122375 physical world, such as leaving an abusive spouse and your mental and physical health will improve.

•The easiest and fundamental connection betweenrepparttar 122376 mind (mental health) and body (physical health) isrepparttar 122377 breath. When we breath consciously, no negative emotion can be present. Simple but profound, this is one ofrepparttar 122378 great secrets of meditation.

#3 Be yourself.

Trying to be something you’re not is life-threatening. Most people will interpretrepparttar 122379 statement “trying to be something you’re not” negatively. What we mean is, trying to be a different type of person than you naturally are.

The Ki of Aikido - An Oriental Concept of "Energy", "Self" and "Mind"

Written by Charlie Badenhop


There are many different ways to perceive, utilize, and benefit from energy. What I offer here is one of many ways. Indeed when I do other kinds of activities I perceive of and work with energy in quite a different manner. What follows is my experience of energy while performing Aikido overrepparttar course of more than twenty years. Certainly there are likely to be many other Aikido practitioners that would explain their experiences and beliefs in a manner that is somewhat different than mine. I offer you here, one experience, my experience, and thus all that I say is part of my belief system, and not at all necessarily THE truth.


Aikido is a Japanese martial art, and it does not have an attack form. We do not kick, punch, or in any other manner, attempt to hurt our opponent.

The meaning of Aikido: "Ai" To gather or harmonize. "Ki" Universal life force/energy. This isrepparttar 122359 energy that we share with nature and all living beings. "Do" An artful path of discovery. "Aikido" An artful path of discovering how to gather and harmonizerepparttar 122360 energy ofrepparttar 122361 universe. When we sense and move withrepparttar 122362 energy that is manifesting throughoutrepparttar 122363 universe we find that we have a greater ability to live a life that is healthy and fulfilling.


In Aikido we believe that all human beings utilize and share a common energy source (ki) that helps to run and maintain our environment as well as our individual human systems. We believe that since we all share a common energy source, that in some important way we are all truly members ofrepparttar 122364 same family, and truly sharing our lives with all of nature. We do not have an attack form in Aikido, because attacking an opponent would be like attacking a family member that you love. Attacking an opponent would also be like attempting to damagerepparttar 122365 flow of Universal energy inrepparttar 122366 world, and such acts are likely to have many far reaching consequences.

Inrepparttar 122367 Japanese language words that userepparttar 122368 concept of "ki" are common. "Gen-ki" means "root energy" or one's "personal health". "Ten-ki" relates to "heavenly energy" or "the weather". "Hon-ki" relates to "original energy" or "the truth". "Yuu-ki" relates to "brave energy" or "courage". "Ki o tsukete" means "attach your energy to what you are doing, or "be careful".

The origin of ki?

Where does ki originate from? In Aikidorepparttar 122369 answer is poetic in nature rather than scientific. It is suggested that ki was "born" atrepparttar 122370 same instant asrepparttar 122371 rest ofrepparttar 122372 universe, and that we are all born fromrepparttar 122373 ki ofrepparttar 122374 universe. Ki is considered to be an energy that we all have equal access to. It is an energy that courses through our system if we do not restrict it. In Aikido we believe that excess tension physically and emotionally, fear, hate, greed, and anger, all cut us off fromrepparttar 122375 universal source of ki. Our daily practice involves working at maintaining a balanced state physically and emotionally, and indeed, practicing ways to cultivate physical and emotional balance is much of whatrepparttar 122376 study of Aikido is about. In Aikido physical and emotional balance are meant to be two sides ofrepparttar 122377 very same coin. Physical balance helps to engender emotional balance and health, and vice versa as well. Often in my professional work with individuals I find myself first addressingrepparttar 122378 clients physical balance when they come wanting to resolve emotional issues, and I dorepparttar 122379 reverse as well. I often first address or explore how emotional imbalance might lead torepparttar 122380 physical difficulties they are experiencing.

"Ki signature" mind, spirit-Energy manifests as spirit, spirit manifests as mind

Energy manifests within each individual as spirit, spirit manifests in each individual as mind. In some way that is a mystery to all of mankind,repparttar 122381 freely available energy ofrepparttar 122382 universe is transformed by each person into one's own unique "ki signature", spirit, mind. No two people haverepparttar 122383 same exact "ki signature", just as no two people haverepparttar 122384 same exact written signature. No two people haverepparttar 122385 same exact spirit, no two people haverepparttar 122386 same exact mind. The unique way that we each take in, utilize, and expend energy, can be considered to be our "ki signature", mind, or spirit. Each person starts withrepparttar 122387 same source of energy, and manifests this energy in a way that will never exactly be duplicated by any other human being.

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