Here's The REAL Reason Bush Won: The Dark Night Of The Leadership Soul

Written by Brent Filson

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Summary: To winrepparttar 107985 election, George Bush had to get out ofrepparttar 107986 presidential bubble and start giving "leadership talks." In doing so, he provided a leadership lesson for all leaders. ======================================== Here's The REAL Reason Bush Won: The Dark Night Of The Leadership Soul by Brent Filson

George Bush wonrepparttar 107987 election because he was finally able to break out ofrepparttar 107988 presidential bubble and give "leadership talks" on a consistent basis.

But to do it, he had to facerepparttar 107989 dark night of his leadership soul. And this is a lesson for ALL leaders.

The presidential bubble is that physical and psychological insulation that descends uponrepparttar 107990 president ofrepparttar 107991 United Statesrepparttar 107992 moment he's sworn in.

Insiderepparttar 107993 bubble, people continually agree with him. Insiderepparttar 107994 bubble, he can give canned speeches in front of canned audiences – all to his heart's content -- and think he's doing a great job as a communicator. Butrepparttar 107995 bubble ultimately is a blight, and it almost destroyedrepparttar 107996 Bush presidency mainly because it kept him from giving what I call leadership talks.

Presentations and speeches primarily communicate information, but leadership talks are a much more effective leadership communication tool. They establish a deep, human emotional connection with people.

It's taken me 20 years of working with thousands of leaders aroundrepparttar 107997 world to identify what leadership talks are and to show how they should be given. However, leadership talks have been around sincerepparttar 107998 dawn of history. In all cultures and countries, whenever a people had to do great things, one thing had to take place, a leader had to gather those people together and speak fromrepparttar 107999 heart.

Creating Your Presentation Success With a Positive "I Can" Attitude

Written by Debbie Bailey

According torepparttar Lamalle Report on Top Executives ofrepparttar 107983 1990s, one ofrepparttar 107984 most important factors in determining financial success by those earning over $250,000 is being enthusiastic and having a positive attitude (46%). Apparently, successful people never underestimaterepparttar 107985 power of positive thinking.

Why does having a positive attitude matter so much? Research solidly indicates that expectations influence behavior meaning if you expect to succeed, it is likely that you will and if you expect to fail, you are more likely to be unsuccessful. Expectations create outcomes because we work towardrepparttar 107986 outcome we expect, even if it is failure. Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can't--you are right.”

Overrepparttar 107987 years, I have worked with hundreds of presenters who had a negative script running through their head before each presentation. Their self-talk sounded something like this, “I should have prepared more. I wanted to do so much more but I ran out of time. I’m not a very good presenter. I don’t think this is going to go very well. If I had a few more days, I could do much better.” And so on and so on. This constant mental berating of oneself is very dangerous. Not only does it increase your anxiety about presenting, it helps shaperepparttar 107988 outcome of failure. We believe we won’t do well and so we manufacture that failure to confirm what we already know to be true.

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