Helping your pets cope with the stress caused by loud noise.

Written by Mariangie Gonzalez

Which isrepparttar noisiest species of all? Nope, notrepparttar 125847 lions, orrepparttar 125848 elephants, orrepparttar 125849 geeseÖ itís us, humans. Our voices were not enough, we started making music and creating musical instruments to help us being louder.

This Holiday season will not only be noisy, this year weíre starting earlier because this year we have Election Day! Where Iím from, we go torepparttar 125850 streets and make loud noises with our car horns afterrepparttar 125851 results are official and we know our party won, maybe youíre so excited because you know your candidate is going to win, that you are already prepared with everything to celebrate your triumphrepparttar 125852 noisiest way, but have you thought about how that noise affects your pet?

Pets donít understand what is happening, even if you dress them with a patriotic costume. They donít know this are ďhappyĒ noises, they just perceive them as a sign of danger. They get nervous, afraid, and if they feel theyíre exposed they will try as hard as they can to look for a hideout, sometimes this means they run away.

What can you do to minimizerepparttar 125853 effect of loud noises on your pet? 1. Ask your veterinarian if itís recommended to give your pet a mild sedative, be sure to ask forrepparttar 125854 correct dose depending onrepparttar 125855 petís weight. There are natural remedies to cope with stress for pets you should consider those too.

Five Snake Care Tips for Beginners

Written by V. Berba Velasco Jr., Ph.D.

If youíre looking for an unusual, eye-catching pet, itís hard to go wrong with a snake. Theyíre exotic enough to catch peopleís interest, yet hardy enough to require minimal care. Nevertheless, uninformed first-time owners tend to make some basic mistakes, some of which can be quite costly. Here are some simple tips that can help ensurerepparttar health ofrepparttar 125846 snake and prevent a lot of aggravation as well.

1.First, take note of how large your snake can grow to be. Most North American varieties only grown to be about four feet long, which is a reasonable size. Donít let a pet store employee talk you into buying a Burmese python, since these critters can grow to be over thirty feet long, and will require huge cages and tremendous amounts of food. (And before you askÖ No, most zoos will not accept these as donations.) 2.Donít scrimp on cage size. A cage that is too small can be very stressful and unhealthy to your pet. Pet store clerks will sometimes try to sell you caging that is inadequate in size, so donít fall into this trap. For adequate comfort,repparttar 125847 combined length and width ofrepparttar 125848 cage should at least matchrepparttar 125849 snakeís length. Snakes can grow fairly quickly, so donít forget to take that into account as well!

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