Help your visitors zero in with Site-Flavored Google search

Written by Jakob Jelling

As Google has gained in their search reputationrepparttar past few years, many webmasters have added a Google search box to their pages. This is meant to provide a quick path for visitors to continue their search, should they not find what they're looking for onrepparttar 128275 original site. To help these webmasters provide even more service to their visitors, Google is currently beta-testing a new feature called Site-Flavored Google Search.

A site-flavored search will allow searchers to view results more closely related torepparttar 128276 site where they started their search. For example, a webmaster for an auto parts site can fill out a profile to tell Google about their site. Searchers from that site can then userepparttar 128277 Google search form to view search results more closely related to automotive topics than a general search might provide. A search from that site for "oil" might return information aboutrepparttar 128278 various types and brands of automotive engine oil, while a generic Google search might return broader business-related results from oil refiners and industry sites.

Expert help from Google Answers

Written by Jakob Jelling

Web users turn to search engines for answers to their questions. This is usually done through various levels of searchingrepparttar engine's database. Sometimes though, no matter how hard they try, searchers can't findrepparttar 128274 information they need. Maybe they're not familiar with how to narrow and focus searches, or they may not have enough background inrepparttar 128275 subject they're researching to recognizerepparttar 128276 answer they need. Google Answers offers a solution.

With Google Answers, you hire an experienced researcher or specialist in your field of inquiry to provide answers to your questions. In a sense, this process works much like bidding on an item at eBay or hiring work done through a freelancer web site. You will create a Google Answers profile, a nickname, enter your credit card information, and when you post your questions, you specify how much you're willing to pay for answers and an expiration date for replies.

There is a 50 cent per question listing fee, and your payment offer for an answer can range from $2.00 to $200.00 currently. Your offered price needs to be high enough to justify and compensaterepparttar 128277 time a Google researcher will spend finding an answer. Researchers receive 75% of your offered fee, and Google receivesrepparttar 128278 remainder to help supportrepparttar 128279 Google Answers service. Once you receive an answer, your credit card will be chargedrepparttar 128280 offer amount you made for that answer.

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