Help Your Customers Buy More Ė Make Them Feel Safe

Written by Butch Pujol

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One ofrepparttar 131930 biggest fears of online consumers is that they will be taken advantage of. After all, they donít know you and they donít know if you run a reputable business. Hesitance to buy is a natural feeling. But, if you want to increase sales at your Web site try providing a little consumer protection information.

Internet scams are onrepparttar 131931 rise. Unfortunately, there are a lot of uneducated consumers that get scammed who donít even know that there is consumer protection information available or where to find it. These scams drastically hurt every upstanding online businessperson. How? Think about it. Each time a first time Internet consumer gets taken advantage of they are finished buying anything online. That means, because ofrepparttar 131932 scam artists Ė you and I lose out, too!

The only way to stoprepparttar 131933 scams and protect our customers and ourselves is to get actively involved. You and I must help makerepparttar 131934 Internet a safer place to do business. By doing so you will increase your own consumer confidence and increase your sales.

How do we do this? One simple step can startrepparttar 131935 ball rolling. As an ethical, online business owner, you can helprepparttar 131936 consumer get educated on how to buy safely online, how to look at a Web site and tell if it is legit or a scam, and how to report unethical sites in order to put them out of business. In addition, you can providerepparttar 131937 consumer withrepparttar 131938 information he/she needs to recover losses if they find themselves being taken advantage of.

Sound like a lot of extra work for you? Not really. If you donít think you would have room on your site to post such information, simply place a link to a consumer advocacy site where your visitors can easily find it.

Keeping Your Website In Top Condition - 5 Easy tips for maintaining a streamline site

Written by Janet Thompson

Whether you arerepparttar master of your own domain or webmastering for someone else, you want to maintainrepparttar 131928 most efficient website you can. To achieve this takes diligence and awareness on your part. Here are five ways to maintain that site with minimum effort. The best idea is to schedule this small list as part of your regular weekly routine.

1. Go through your site and click on links. Check to ensure that all links work and are loading properly. If you have massive lists of links, break them down and do a portion a week as a rotating maintenance. This upkeep includes images. Take a quick tour through your site to make sure there are no broken images. Nothing looks so unkempt as that little red x where your image should be.

2. Checkrepparttar 131929 bulletin board or guest book and reply or respond to your correspondence. People love getting prompt and courteous answers to questions or queries they address to you. Even if one of your visitors has left a small comment or url in your guest book, respond to them. This is internet networking in it's most elemental form, but repparttar 131930 returns are enormous. Branding your name to your site is how people will remember you and return often. Receiving a note in their email saying something such as "thanks for dropping by ( and leaving your url for us" is going to further imprint your internet address in their mind. It's great public relations.

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