Help Your Baby Develop Character

Written by Fidel Viana

Copyright 2005 Fidel Viana

How Can We Help Children Learn about Character? Children learn about strong character when parents and other adults in their daily lives · set a good example through their own behavior and actions, · set and communicate high standards and clear expectations, · coach them on how to be responsible and kind, and · use literature to reinforcerepparttar values of strong character. Set a Good Example We are always teaching our children something by our words and our actions. They learn from seeing. They learn from hearing and from overhearing. They learn from us, from each other, from other adults inrepparttar 140818 community and by themselves. Children sharerepparttar 140819 values of their parents aboutrepparttar 140820 most important things in life. Our priorities and principles and our examples of good behavior can teach our children to takerepparttar 140821 high road when other roads look tempting. Remember that children do not learnrepparttar 140822 values that make up strong character simply by being told about them. They learn by seeingrepparttar 140823 people around them act on and uphold those values in their daily lives. In our daily lives, we can show our children that we respect others. We can show them our compassion and concern when others are suffering, and our own self-discipline, courage and honesty as we make difficult decisions.

Ace Abs Without Crunches, Cradles, Or Sit-ups!

Written by Tim Webb

I know what many of you are thinking readingrepparttar title of this article. I also thoughtrepparttar 140777 same once. It cannot be done! Attaining a stronger, visible, set of abdominal muscles has always been a common goal in people’s fitness training programmes and yet, paradoxically, many (most) of these people never actually achieve this goal.

Being involved inrepparttar 140778 fitness industry I seerepparttar 140779 same problem over and over again. The problem can be spelled out like this.


Now, while there is nothing innately wrong with abdominal equipment, it does bring with it a whole host of potential problems. One ofrepparttar 140780 most prominent is that people simply do not userepparttar 140781 equipment correctly. Another is that they erroneously believe that somehowrepparttar 140782 machine will do halfrepparttar 140783 job for them!

A third problem is that to some extent abdominal cradles, andrepparttar 140784 assortment of similar cradle designs, are essentially lifting your head for you thus eliminatingrepparttar 140785 need for that much effort.

There is a way to workrepparttar 140786 abdominal region however that requires little movement, but that is highly effective, asrepparttar 140787 emphasis is purely on you to put inrepparttar 140788 effort without a machine in sight!

This method involvesrepparttar 140789 use of deep focused breathing whilst squeezing (with varying degrees of intensity) your abdominal muscle. To some it seems too simple and yet, performed daily and with gusto, it is a wonderfully natural and invigorating exercise that promotes tighter abdominals and, as an added bonus, aids in strengtheningrepparttar 140790 internal organs.

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