Help Search Engines get Smarter, ROR your Website!

Written by Dom Vonarburg

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Help Search Engines get Smarter, ROR your Website!

What is ROR?
ROR (Resources of a Resource)
is an exciting new website content description tool and format created by It makes it very easy to describerepparttar content, objects, and structure of your website so search engines and other web applications can better find and understand your information.

For example if you are selling products, ROR enables you to document your product names, descriptions, prices, images, availability, affiliate programs, etc. Or if your site or blog provides information on a given topic, it allows you to describe how this information is organized (sitemap, topics, categories, new information, archive, blogroll, etc). ROR also provides terms for documenting objects such as contacts, articles, newsletter, feeds, images, audio, links, reviews, privacy policy, copyrights, and more.

ROR information can be easily added to your website by adding a ROR File called ror.xml. To createrepparttar 128234 file ROR provides templates and examples. It also provide a ROR File Editor, which will extract information from your website and allow you to describe it further. Larger websites can also generate ROR files from their databases.

Why Describe?
But why is it important to describe your website? Well, consider this phrase: "We offer a 10% discount on all our products until Mother's Day". While these words mean a lot to your visitors, they unfortunately won't mean much to a search engine or shopping search engine. Language is extremely complex and it will take time even for Google to elevate search to such levels of sophistication. And that's just one language, English.

So for now, to communicate your product information to shopping search engines you typically need to provide a feed (a machine-readable description of your products), and re-submit that feed to each engine each time repparttar 128235 information changes. And to make matters worse, none of these feeds haverepparttar 128236 same format, so you also have to learn each format.

Another Approach
ROR suggests a better approach. Since search engines already come to your site to read text information about your products, it makes sense to also read additional information like prices, image URLs, discounts, etc. This way, you only changerepparttar 128237 information once, in your ROR file, and that's it. Product information is just one example but it illustrates this issue rather well.

Can Invisible Text in CSSs Slip Under Search Engine Radar?

Written by Lawrence Deon

Iím literally inundated with questions onrepparttar subject of invisible text & hosting so in I thought Iíd debunk some myths and give yourepparttar 128233 facts straight up.

What is invisible text? Invisible text isrepparttar 128234 body text thatísrepparttar 128235 same or similar color torepparttar 128236 background. You know,repparttar 128237 stuff you can very easily see on a page if you press Ctrl-A or highlight everything onrepparttar 128238 page with your left mouse button.

Will invisible text hurt your search engine rankings? Undoubtedly! If you attempt to userepparttar 128239 same color text asrepparttar 128240 background color of your web pagesrepparttar 128241 search engines will penalize you.

Why? The use of invisible text is commonly considered black hat seo byrepparttar 128242 search engines and a blatant spam tactic. If your visitors canít see or readrepparttar 128243 text then what good is it anyway? Itís deceptive period.

Trust Google when they say in their Quality Guidelines & Specific recommendations to avoid hidden text or hidden links.

Now hereís why this topic is so interestingÖ and I know youíre saying, why should I worry or care about invisible text if Iíve never used any on my web site? Wellrepparttar 128244 answer is simple.

You may be hosting invisible text on your website right now & not even know it. In fact you were never intended to know it... That's why it's invisible!

WHAT? Yeah... you may be getting duped!

So just what exactly am I talking about? Iím talking about your hosting company (usuallyrepparttar 128245 free ones) leeching your Google PageRank & building link popularity for their clients off your web pages & bandwidth. If you donít think they do itÖ guess again. Itís a lucrative business.

Now with that said Iím not going to name or badmouth any specific hosting service. What I am going to do is tell you how to determine if youíre an unsuspecting victim.

Hereís an invaluable tool to help you detect search engine spam penalties!

Secondly, double-check your cached pages to see whatrepparttar 128246 search engine robots actually see when they index your page. Look for additional links & advertising inrepparttar 128247 source code that isnít in your original source code.

If you find additional advertising or links that arenít on your current pagesÖ your host MAY be killing your search engine rankings. The simple solution to this problem is to immediately transfer your domain to a trusted service provider.

Now let's talk aboutrepparttar 128248 invisible text you can't see at all on a page. Yes, you could still be hosting invisible text. Even if you press Ctrl-A or highlight everything onrepparttar 128249 page with your left mouse button & nothing shows up!

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