Help Me Choose: Linux vs. Windows Web Hosting

Written by Paras Shah

To help you chooserepparttar best operating system (OS) for your Web site to reside on, we have developedrepparttar 146793 following guide:

First let's start with a definition of an operating system, which isrepparttar 146794 software platform on which a web server runs.

Red Hat Linux:

Linux is an excellent operating system that is well suited to meet your web hosting needs. It handlesrepparttar 146795 functions of mailing, and serving up Web sites and files especially well. Additionally, there are a huge amount of free applications available onrepparttar 146796 Internet for Linux and it uses less hardware resources than Windows 2003. Whether you are a fairly experienced webmaster or new to web hosting, we recommend that you choose Red Hat Linux as your hosting platform.

Red Hat Linux is most widely used hosting platform inrepparttar 146797 world.

Microsoft Windows 2003:

Microsoft Windows 20003 server provides a suitable platform for serving up Web sites, files, and streaming media. Additionally, it integrates well with other Microsoft applications and there are a large amount of commercial applications available for this OS. We recommend you choose Windows 2003 as your hosting platform only if you are using specific applications that require Microsoft Windows to run such as Access, Cold Fusion, ASP, .Net, and Microsoft SQL.

How to Start Your Own Hosting Services

Written by Matt Colyer

If your like many another webmasters you might be thinking of starting a web hosting company. But where do you start? And more importantly, what do you need to know? Well, in this article I will showrepparttar basic things that you will need in order to succeed as a web hosting provider.

Before you start make sure this is something that you haverepparttar 146195 knowledge to do and not just from reading books, but where you have worked on them. Running servers may sound easy, but it's far from easy, in fact, even people experienced with servers will have trouble with them from time to time. You will have to deal with security threats, downtime and fixing program errors.

Starting your own hosting services is going to be challenging and frustrating. One option to think about is reseller hosting plans. There are several good web hosting companies out there that offer reseller hosting, but atrepparttar 146196 same time allowing you to get paid, but without you having to spend your time maintaining servers. You may want to start out this way to get a customer base going.

You can rent, lease or buy your servers, If you decide to buyrepparttar 146197 servers, get them custom made to your exact needs, if you haverepparttar 146198 money, if you can't try to get a server that best fits into your plans. You'll need a place to keeprepparttar 146199 servers. You can find local building to do this or you could keep them at home. If you keep it at home, you'll need to make sure everything is just right for them.

Now, which operating system (Windows, Unix, etc.), control panel (Cpanel, Plesk, etc.), security are you going to choose. Each of these should be researched with care, check to see if they fit your needs or not. Also you must consider that some programming languages can only run on certain operating systems, most web site owners want programming languages such as PHP or PERL.

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