Help For Alopecia: The Locks Of Love Story

Written by Seth B.

There are many companies who make custom fitted real hair cranial prosthesis. Locks of Love (LOL) was first started in Dec. 1997 in connection with a for profit wig making company. The organization then obtained its 501c certification fromrepparttar IRS. The charity began operating separately fromrepparttar 150236 for profit retailer. This was spearheaded by Madonna Coffman a retired cardiac nurse who had a great deal of volunteer experience working for not for profits inrepparttar 150237 surrounding Palm Beach area.

In her 20’s Mrs. Coffman developed Alopecia after receiving a hepatitis vaccination. With medication and a doctors care, she recovered 15 years later. Then her 4-year old daughter developed alopecia and lost all her hair. Madonna said “her hair loss was difficult to deal with but her daughter's was ten times harder”. It was at this time that she quit allrepparttar 150238 other charity work and took on LOL as a full time volunteer.

Her humble beginnings. Mrs. Coffman's garage contained bins of mail and hair donations. By securing donated office

Best Flat Tummy Exercises For Great Female Abs

Written by Olinda Rola

Are there flat tummy exercises that arerepparttar best for great female abs? Abs-olutely! To make this list,repparttar 150212 female abs exercises must be safe, effective and can be done nearly anywhere. Your abs can be worked out every day. Here are great flat tummy exercises:

1. Tummy Isometric Crunch - exhale, then suck in your stomach as far as you can, hold for about 15 seconds. Relax and breathe. Visualize moving your bellybutton straight toward your back. Holding in your tummy muscles and tensing your abs is a good way of firming and strengthening them. You will also become more aware of how to control your tummy muscles. Repeat several times. This exercise can be done anywhere, anytime.

Note - if you have high blood pressure, do not hold your breath for extended periods of time.

2. Rectus Abdominis Tummy Exercises (sounds great, no?):

a. Lie on your back onrepparttar 150213 floor with bent knees and your feet flat onrepparttar 150214 floor, knees and feet spread apartrepparttar 150215 width of your hips.

b. Place your hands gently onrepparttar 150216 sides of your head for support, spreading your elbows so you cannot see them.

c. With your chin tucked toward your chest, gently curl upward and forward so that your head, neck and shoulder blades lift offrepparttar 150217 floor and your lower back presses againstrepparttar 150218 floor (if you want, start with your head resting on a pillow which has your head and neck inrepparttar 150219 correct position to begin).

d. Pause just a moment, then gently return torepparttar 150220 starting position.

e. Repeat several times.

Note - do not use your arms to completerepparttar 150221 curl. If you can see your elbows, you're cheating. Do not put your feet under anything since this lessensrepparttar 150222 effectiveness of these types of flat tummy exercises. If this female abs exercise is too difficult for you, dorepparttar 150223 next one below.

3. Sit-Back Flat Tummy Exercises - if your female abs muscles are weak and you have trouble lifting yourself offrepparttar 150224 floor in #2 above, here is an alternate flat tummy exercise for you:

a. Start in a sitting position onrepparttar 150225 floor with your knees bent, feet flat onrepparttar 150226 floor (secure your feet under a piece of furniture).

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