Help Fight Cancer – Cost Free

Written by Grant McNamara

You can make a tangible difference to cancer research and it wont cost you a cent. Nor will it involve any of your time. A half a million people are already involved in an exciting project all based onrepparttar internet. You too could make a difference.

Cancer is an awful disease. One in four of us will at some time suffer from cancer. The high mortality rate,repparttar 107862 suffering experienced by patients fromrepparttar 107863 side effects of existing treatments, andrepparttar 107864 high costs of treatment all contribute to making cancer a priority for drug research.

A landmark research project began several months ago. The project allows people to make a real difference inrepparttar 107865 fight against cancer. And it is easy for you to be involved. The research involves analyzing proteins for their potential use inrepparttar 107866 development of drugs. But to dorepparttar 107867 analysis requires computers.

You have a computer and you could be a contributor. The project is based on usingrepparttar 107868 spare capacity of computers. A tiny piece of software is downloaded to your PC. When you’re not using your PCrepparttar 107869 software is busy analyzing cancer molecules. The analysis involves extensive mathematics. Once an individual molecule is completedrepparttar 107870 results are sent acrossrepparttar 107871 internet back torepparttar 107872 research project, and a new molecule for analysis is sent back to your computer.

Half a million people are ivnvolved so far. They contributerepparttar 107873 spare power of their computers torepparttar 107874 project. But they need more, many more. To participate, you simply download a very small, no cost, non-invasive software program that works like a screensaver: It runs when your computer isn't being used, and processes research until you need your machine. Your computer never leaves your desk, andrepparttar 107875 project never interrupts your usual PC use.

Free Detailed PC Analysis

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

Although Windows Device Manager, Microsoft System Information, and Norton's System Information program can provide you with information about your computer system, they don't providerepparttar 107863 same complete details that are provided by 3b Software's Sandra (System Analyzer Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant).

The free version of Sandra includes 50 modules that provide diagnostic, benchmarking, and performance tune-ups for different hardware devices and subsystems, including CPUs, modems, BIOS, drives, graphic cards, and DOS and Windows memory. It will tell you your system's video memory size, motherboard chipset, PCI slot usage, and SIMM or DIMM memory module identification. The latest version includesrepparttar 107864 additional modules CPU multimedia benchmarking, and network and memory bandwidth benchmarking.

Download Sandra from You will need a file unzip program like WinZip to extractrepparttar 107865 2.36 MB zip file. Close all programs before executingrepparttar 107866 setup.exe program. When setup is complete, click onrepparttar 107867 Finish button to reboot your computer. Like most high quality software, Sandra comes with an uninstall utility. Sandra also comes with a browser based FAQ file and a browser based help file, butrepparttar 107868 help file is Web based.

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