Help Choosing Door and Window Hardware.

Written by Ali Arnold

Who would berepparttar best person to help you find suitable fixtures and fittings for doors and windows? Architects are trained to create designs that are structurally sound, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. They also often have a basic knowledge of construction materials, though notrepparttar 142973 detailed knowledge required when choosing appropriate hardware. Interior designers specialize inrepparttar 142974 decorating and furnishing of rooms and can offer fresh, innovative ideas and advice, but will be concentrating onrepparttar 142975 appearance rather than howrepparttar 142976 fittings work. Maybe a blacksmith or metal worker would berepparttar 142977 person to ask.. No, a joiner isrepparttar 142978 best person to give advice.

Joiners understand what is needed, they have made doors and windows and know ho big a hinge would be needed to holdrepparttar 142979 weight of a solid oak door, or which lock would fit properly and safely in rebated french windows.

Advise is needed when ordering and choosing door knobs; perhaps one ofrepparttar 142980 most complex pieces of door hardware to order. When choosing knobs you have to consider so many things,repparttar 142981 knob needs to be far enough away fromrepparttar 142982 door so that you donít scrape your knuckles, seems obvious, but many people donít think about it until too late. A knob may not be a possibility if there is already a hole in your door that is too close torepparttar 142983 edge. Knobs are sprung in different ways too; heavier knobs have stronger springing, lighter ones lighter springing. The weight of springing must matchrepparttar 142984 weight of springing onrepparttar 142985 latch or lock you intend to use onrepparttar 142986 door, ifrepparttar 142987 knob and lever are ill matchedrepparttar 142988 knob will either be too hard to turn or wonít spring back.

The Difference Between Malleable and Cast Iron Door Hardware.

Written by Ali Arnold

There is often confusion aboutrepparttar difference between malleable iron and cast iron hardware. There are many cheaper cast iron products for sale now, many of which are identical in size, shape and general appearance to quality door and window hardware. The difference is that cast iron will break.

Kirkpatrick Ltd for Walsall inrepparttar 142972 UK, has been synonymous withrepparttar 142973 production of high quality malleable iron builders's ironmongery for over 140 years. Producing an extensive range of Black Antique and Plain Gothic styles.

Kirkpatrick's malleable iron products are hand-made inrepparttar 142974 their foundry in Walsall using green sand casting process. At this stagerepparttar 142975 castings are hard and brittle and cannot be hammered, so they are subjected to a heat treatment known as 'annealing'. In this processrepparttar 142976 castings are surrounded by an inert haematite ore within iron drums and loaded into ovens of six to eight tons capacity. The ovens take about two days to reachrepparttar 142977 annealing temperatue of 980 C. The castings are then soaked at this temperature for around 80 hours, after which they are allowed to cool naturally. During this processrepparttar 142978 carbon structure ofrepparttar 142979 iron is changed. The resulting castings are no longer hard and brittle, but soft and malleable.

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