Written by Michelle Yox

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Generate Headlines and Ad Copy that Sells

Written by Jill Black

Generate Headlines and Ad Copy that Sells

The main aim of all sales advertising is to get people to read your through ad and while reading to say *yes* often enough so that they naturally take action to...   (a) Enquire for more information (if this is your goal)


(b) To purchaserepparttar product

And it all starts withrepparttar 100976 headline... 

People decide to read your ad, or not, because of repparttar 100977 headline and you have approximately three seconds to capturerepparttar 100978 reader's attention. As Jay Conrad Levinson says in his book "Guerrilla Marketing Excellence" Do it then or not at all." 

With this in mind a headline must gainrepparttar 100979 attention ofrepparttar 100980 reader and establishrepparttar 100981 uppermost benefit as to why your product or service providesrepparttar 100982 answer to a problemrepparttar 100983 reader is seeking a solution for.  Chances are this is what attracted you torepparttar 100984 title of this article, maybe sales are not going as well as you would like, or you are inrepparttar 100985 process of learning how to write better ads and copy for your business, or simply just curious to see what I had to say on repparttar 100986 subject...

The reader should not have to try to figure out what it is you are trying to sell or how your information can help THEM. A quick glance at your headline and repparttar 100987 first two sentences of your copy should quickly informrepparttar 100988 reader if your product or service are what they require.   Start by takingrepparttar 100989 time to sit down and honesty ask yourself ... what arerepparttar 100990 greatest benefits you would like your product or service to provide for your customer? Then incorporate as many of these answers into your first fifty to sixty words so repparttar 100991 reader will be excited enough to readrepparttar 100992 rest of your copy. This is crucial becauserepparttar 100993 best headline inrepparttar 100994 world will not help if your reader has lost interest withinrepparttar 100995 first few lines.

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