Help! Which Diet to follow, High Protein or Low Carb?

Written by (c) Anna “Overweight? NO MORE!”

Stop this diet insanity! We are bombarded by all type of diet propaganda trying to convince us that they arerepparttar solution to solve our overweight problems, from Atkins, to South Beach Diet, to Zone Diet, and allrepparttar 105985 way to extreme low carb diets. Certainly, these diets have worked for some, while failed for others. Hence,repparttar 105986 challenging question: Are they having long-term results, which means keepingrepparttar 105987 weight off, or were just temporary weight loss, which means eventually gaining more weight?

I am purposely not explaining these popular diets, as I want you to do a research on your own and choose which one will work better for you according to your readings and not just mine.

In my case,repparttar 105988 combination of high protein, medium carbs, and low fat (mostly monounsaturated fat) worked better for me. Previously, I tried a high protein and low carb menu before, but felt weak, as I exercise daily and my body needed carbs. Besides, I have to say that carbs are not our enemies. Consuming extra carbs isrepparttar 105989 danger-- because if not used -- they become stored fat.

Reportedly,repparttar 105990 body uses carbohydrates as fuel while saves fats for emergencies. The more we exercise;repparttar 105991 more fat we burn. Therefore, it is a matter of keeping a balance and not to follow extreme diets, which will cause you to give up after few weeks for their strict menus.

Self-discipline, motivation, andrepparttar 105992 personal commitment to lose weight will be your main tools to fight obesity as well asrepparttar 105993 diet propaganda insanity. True, people following a low-carb diet lose weight quickly. Arguably, they are losing more water as they are also depleting carbohydrate stores from muscle tissue andrepparttar 105994 liver.

The point is that no matter how promising diets present themselves, as long as one does not takerepparttar 105995 personal decision to change wrong eating habits and exercise more, diets will continue to come and go. This isrepparttar 105996 plain truth and you know it. Right? Losing weight starts within our minds, not our belly. The point of trying to follow a strict diet, makes it hard fromrepparttar 105997 beginning; diet should be a joyful experience; not a burden. Getting rid of obesity is a need to improve our productivity and health in general.

As mentioned inrepparttar 105998 article, “Obesity Costly for California” published byrepparttar 105999 L.A. Daily News on April 6, just in California “the rate of overweight and obesity is more than 60 percent among Latinos, African-Americans and men past age 25.”

However, let us understand that this is not only a California health crisis, but growingly is becoming a global crisis. We need to stop this obesity and diet propaganda insanity by looking for help and doing personal readings too about nutrition. The fact is that our bodies respond different to different diets, because we all have different metabolisms. Some people will prefer high protein over low carb diets, or vice versa. Whatever works for you inrepparttar 106000 long-term and notrepparttar 106001 short-term is good.

Sugar Addiction: Weight Gain, Cravings and Genetics

Written by Lazelle Bradley

Jay Leno expressed onrepparttar Tonight Show that as he interviewed people he realized that most of them had weight loss as their New Year’s resolution. Weight is indeed a major concern inrepparttar 105984 United States. Being overweight robs us of energy and encourages diseases.

Obesity is a sign thatrepparttar 105985 body is out of balance. Science knows howrepparttar 105986 body getsrepparttar 105987 proper nutrition. The answer is "Whole, live ,foods with living enzymes". Weight loss pills and those who promise you lasting weight control, eat all you want, etc ,if you only take their pill, do not feed your body. Weight loss pills and fad diets may seem to work at first, but get off them and guess what? They do not correctrepparttar 105988 imbalance. The weight can start to creep up again andrepparttar 105989 only choice we have is to continue using them, although they don’t feedrepparttar 105990 body andrepparttar 105991 long term effects may not be known.

Our bodies craverepparttar 105992 junk foods,repparttar 105993 rich cheese sauces, fast food hamburgers (the biggest ones), breads, pastas and sugary desserts that they have become accustomed to. We are addicted. Sugars and flours make us sick, fat, and crazy. Many ofrepparttar 105994 regular grocery stores contain genetically engineered foods-no living enzymes.

Where dorepparttar 105995 cravings come from? The basic underlying reason for craving is malnutrition. The body is simply not getting fed. This is confusing, especially to people who live in a country that has more food than any other. The myriad choices of foods in our markets would be mind-boggling for anyone who has lived in Iraq, for instance or in many other less well-supplied countries.

Why in a country so seemingly rich in foods ,are we starving? Why are we 17th onrepparttar 105996 world longevity list? Why are we getting sicker and sicker?

Considerrepparttar 105997 fact that even if you are eating vegetables and fruits and following recommended dietary requirements what you are eating is not feeding your body what it needs. Three areas of information may shed some light.

First, a study of current USDA nutrient tables for various vegetables and fruits coming off our fields today reveals a significant drop in nutrient contents since 1975 ,some of which are enormous. Senate Document #264,first issued inrepparttar 105998 1930’s and again inrepparttar 105999 1990’s States: The impoverished soil of American no longer provides plant foods withrepparttar 106000 mineral elements essential to human nourishment and health. Laboratory tests prove thatrepparttar 106001 fruits, vegetables ,the grains,repparttar 106002 eggs and evenrepparttar 106003 milk and meat of today are not what they were a few generations ago. No man of today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his system withrepparttar 106004 minerals he requires for perfect health because his stomach is not big enough to hold them.. Physical ,mental and moral fitness depend largely upon an ample supply and a proper proportion ofrepparttar 106005 minerals in our foods.

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