Help! My Computer’s Being Invaded

Written by Donna Monday

Have you heard ofrepparttar movie “Attack ofrepparttar 145221 Killer Tomatoes”?

Yeah, it’s as silly as it sounds.

But, wait a minute now.

The Internet is becoming as hazardous as one of those bad sci-fi flicks. There used to be a time (not too long ago) when we could log onto our email and just read messages from friends and family, or enjoy a nice ezine or two. Remember those times?

Rememberrepparttar 145222 good old days when you could click on your Internet browser and take a leisurely stroll through cyberspace without nary a care inrepparttar 145223 world? Okay. So maybe there were some pretty awful web sites back then. And yes, there was even some annoying advertising – blinking banners anyone?

Ahh . . . those wererepparttar 145224 days.

Thenrepparttar 145225 invaders swarmed in with their annoying viruses, SPAM, and sneaky spyware. Hiding inside of goodies like free music downloads and shareware. Like thieves inrepparttar 145226 night, they hide on your computer and awaitrepparttar 145227 moment when you open up your browser to go for an innocent cyber stroll. Then –


Your computer is littered with unwanted ads and Trojans that have literally taken your computer hostage. For a brief while this was only happening torepparttar 145228 business community, but soonrepparttar 145229 invasion spread intorepparttar 145230 home PC where unsuspecting people wonder where did all this junk come from?

Once your computer’s been hijacked there’s no getting rid of these nasty invaders without a strong line of defense. Laser guns? No, not for this fight. Save that forrepparttar 145231 movies.

Yoda Speaks! 5 Success Secrets of the Master Jedi

Written by Donna Monday

We all know that Yoda (from Star Wars) is a great teacher of Jedi warriors, but Yoda’s wisdom can also help aspiring online marketers. Below are five of his most powerful teachings:

“A Jedi’s strength flow fromrepparttar force.”

- Where does your strength come from?

Yoda is saying there’s a force, a spiritual power, deep within us that if tapped into will give usrepparttar 145220 strength to tackle any situation that comes along. He knows that we are part of a larger force that’s connected torepparttar 145221 universe. We don’t have to rely on our own physical and mental abilities only.

Sometimes there’s nothing like having an extra source of strength to guide us when we feel we can’t move one step further towards our goal. This inner force is what can help push us overrepparttar 145222 top and on to victory.

“A Jedi must haverepparttar 145223 deepest commitment,repparttar 145224 most serious mind.”

- How committed are you to your goals?

You’ve signed up for several good (legitimate) affiliate programs but you’re frustrated. It’s been two months and you haven’t made any money yet.

So, what do you do? You abandon them and look for something more lucrative.

While you jump from program to program, have you ever thought about why you weren’t successful withrepparttar 145225 last one? Why are others making money with programs you’ve abandoned?

Yoda knows that we must make a serious commitment to our goals (in this case: making money with an affiliate program) and stick to it.

By giving up too soon and not committing yourself to success, you ensure your own failure.

“Size matters not.”

- Don’t be afraid of starting out small

Yoda is physically very small, yet his inner strength and wisdom is enormous. When Yoda calls onrepparttar 145226 force you can imagine how much energy must be going through that small body. Yet, he is able to control it and make it work ‘for’ him.

Size doesn’t matter when you’ve gotrepparttar 145227 hidden force of intelligence, agility, enthusiasm, and determination on your side.

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