Help! I Can't Handle One More Virus!

Written by Maria Marsala

"There are 500 new virus/worms created each month", according torepparttar website. Whenever I learn out about another virus or worm that has developed into "medium or high" status, I shake my head in disgust. Have you ever wondered what would happen if that virus programmer turned their energies around and instead developed a positive program for us to use? Can you imagine how terrific that program would be?!?!

If you haven't heededrepparttar 107898 latest slew of virus warnings then you've probably been hit with a virus or worm. It's likely you've also lost use of your computer for at least a few hours if not a few days. In some cases, you've lost very important computer files or programs, too. Take some steps today, so that you'll have a virus free year.

Now every anti-virus website tells you to not open attachments from people you do not know. The thing is, that even attachments from people you love, could infect your computer with a virus. I'm going to come clean and admitrepparttar 107899 truth. I too have had a virus wreak havoc on my computer - ONCE! And once since April of 1994 was enough for me! Actually it was a beautiful attachment of fireworks that a friend sent me. Well, it looked like fireworks before it destroyed some of my Word documents and other programs!

So, I won't tell you to not open attachments. That's a crazy suggestion anyway. Instead, takerepparttar 107900 time now, right now, this moment, to protect your computer.

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~Most new computers come with an anti-virus program and oftenrepparttar 107904 data files for that program are out of date byrepparttar 107905 time you receive your computer. Locaterepparttar 107906 anti-virus program on your computer, get onrepparttar 107907 Internet and downloadrepparttar 107908 latest .dat (data files) or zip files (large group of files compressed so they download quickly).


Written by Linda Johnson

Basically, there are five things you need to understand in order to troubleshoot and fix most of your Word problems.

1. Word stores most of its format settings in a global template called

2. Word has a Startup folder, which holds add-ins that start automatically when Word is launched.

3. Toolbars and macro settings are recorded in a Registry key called "Data".

4. Proofing Tools, likerepparttar spell checker and grammar checker, are stored in a Registry key called "Proofing Tools".

5. Within a document, paragraph formatting is stored inrepparttar 107897 paragraph marker atrepparttar 107898 end of that paragraph.

So, let's talk about Word crashes, out of memory errors, freeze-ups, and blue screens of death. How do we know whererepparttar 107899 problem is originating and how to fix it?

If Word is not launching for you at all or is crashing or freezing as soon as it comes onrepparttar 107900 screen, odds are your global template has become corrupt or something is loading automatically in your Word Startup folder that is misconfigured or corrupt. To see if it's a corrupt global template, go to your Start button and click on Run. Inrepparttar 107901 Run box, type "winword.exe /a" (withoutrepparttar 107902 quotes, but WITHrepparttar 107903 space). If Word launches OK, then it probably is your file that is bad (since this switch launches Word with a clean, empty template). To get yourself a new, uncorrupt template, simply close Word and search your computer for and rename or delete it. When you launch Word again, it will look for and if it can't find it, it will create a new one. If this does NOT cause Word to launch correctly, then you need to look inside Word's Startup Folder and see if there are any add-ins in there that could be causingrepparttar 107904 problem. This folder is usually located at C:Windows Application data Microsoft Word Startup (Or if you run Windows 2000 or have multiple Windows profiles, look in your user profile or all users for your application data folder. Or, if all else fails, search your hard drive for startup and you will find it.) If there are any files in there, move them all to another location and see if Word launches. If it does, then moverepparttar 107905 files back one at a time until you findrepparttar 107906 culprit.

If Word launches fine, but crashes or freezes when you perform some function like making text bold or hittingrepparttar 107907 Print icon, it is possible your registry's data key has become corrupt. The Data key stores a lot of your toolbar and macro settings. To fix this, you must close Word and editrepparttar 107908 registry as follows:

Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice9.0 Word. (Note:repparttar 107909 9.0 refers to Word 2000, if you use Word 97, you will see 8.0 and Word 2002 is 10.0) Insiderepparttar 107910 Word folder, you will see a folder called "Data". Delete this Data folder and relaunch Word. Just like withrepparttar 107911 global template, Word will look for this Data folder and recreate it fresh if it can't find it.

(If you do not know how to locate or userepparttar 107912 Registry, you can go to my Registry page for instructions, but be warned that editingrepparttar 107913 Registry is something to be taken very seriously and can render your computer unusable if you mess up. So, pay close attention torepparttar 107914 instructions on my page for backing uprepparttar 107915 Registry before you edit it and know that YOU are liable if you make a mistake. Instructions are here: )

If Word works well until you try to userepparttar 107916 spell checker or grammar checker and either of these cause your computer to freeze up or crash, or ifrepparttar 107917 spell checker is grayed out in your Tools menu and you cannot get it to work,repparttar 107918 problem could be withrepparttar 107919 Proofing Tools folders in your Registry. To fix this, go back in to your Registry Editor and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftShared ToolsProofing Tools. In this Proofing Tools folder, you will see four subfolders: Grammar, Hyphenation, Spelling, and Thesaurus. Just deleterepparttar 107920 folder that is causing problems and relaunch Word and it will again create a new one for you.

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