Help! I've been Robbed

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Your home isrepparttar most important place. It isrepparttar 100090 place that you go to after a hard day’s work. It is closely associated withrepparttar 100091 feeling of warmth, and it is surely not a surprise that so many things rely onrepparttar 100092 special feeling that your home gives you. Although there’s no place like home, within a matter of minutes your home can become a prison of your fears, where one mistake may result in a catastrophe. The feeling of having your house burglarized leaves you full of terror inrepparttar 100093 one place that you felt safe. Although they are vaguely similar,repparttar 100094 terms “robbery” and “burglary” are often misused. The Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th edition, defines burglary (which is referred as larceny inrepparttar 100095 state of Florida) as “repparttar 100096 breaking and entering of a dwelling house of another withrepparttar 100097 intent to commit a crime.” Usually a burglary happens when no one is home, or late at night, such asrepparttar 100098 infamous “cat-burglaries.” Onrepparttar 100099 other hand, a robbery occurs when force is used. The force can be as simple as pulling a purse off of someone’s arm or by threatening someone with a weapon. Outside A simple outdoor motion sensor light can provide you with security against night time burglaries. Withrepparttar 100100 ability to adjustrepparttar 100101 area to be lighted,repparttar 100102 sensitivity ofrepparttar 100103 sensor, as well asrepparttar 100104 duration thatrepparttar 100105 lights shine, this is a simple, yet effective way to keep unwanted people away from your home. If you have outside lights already, leave them on. Ifrepparttar 100106 outside of your home is dark,repparttar 100107 intruder is able to hide inrepparttar 100108 cover of darkness. If you have to leave town for extended periods of time, stop both newspaper deliveries and mail, or have a neighbor collect it for you. Piles of these accumulating in your box can be noticeable to burglars.

Matching & Co-ordinating Your Home To Make It More Desirable

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When looking to create that desirable and harmonious feeling you get in some properties, making sure you co-ordinate is a key area to keep in mind.

Matching and co-ordinating is all about making surerepparttar different areas of your property gel and look their best. You can co-ordinate exterior features such as sheds, playhouses, fences, garages etc to create a welcoming and picturesque look to your property.

In order to create a co-ordinated look you might needrepparttar 100089 help of a designer initially if you don't feel confident tackling this alone.

Simply learn from what they do and copy different looks that appeal to you. Soon you will get a better feel of what works.

Do research and get inspiration from magazines and shows. Look at other properties to see what has been done already.

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