Helen's Homemade Fishcakes Recipe

Written by Helen Porter

Homemade Fishcakes - simple as simple gets. This makes 8 good sized fish cakes

Put 4 large baked potatos inrepparttar oven, gas mark 220. Rub sea salt intorepparttar 113103 skins and then turnrepparttar 113104 potatoes every 20 mins or so. They will take about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Whenrepparttar 113105 potatos are nearly ready, get a baking tray and place foil down - leave enough so you can wraprepparttar 113106 fish up! Place 3 salmon fillets and 2 cod fillets ontorepparttar 113107 tray. Sqeeze a little lemon and drizzle a little white wine if you have any! Wraprepparttar 113108 fish up and cook for 12-15 minutes or untill cooked. Please low downrepparttar 113109 oven as opposed torepparttar 113110 top whererepparttar 113111 potatoes should be Once cooked takerepparttar 113112 potatoes and fish out. Leave both to cool. Flakerepparttar 113113 fish andrepparttar 113114 inside ofrepparttar 113115 potato into a bowl, add salt, pepper and a few knobs of butter. Lightly blendrepparttar 113116 mixture, but be carefully not to mash! Add about 2 handfuls of finely chopped spring onions and about 1 handfull of finely chopped parsley. Once allrepparttar 113117 mixture is together, put in a fridge and leave for a few hours untill chilled. Once chilled you can makerepparttar 113118 mixture into round patty shapes and again leave to chill for at least half an hour

Donít Make Fast and Furious Food Changes

Written by Sue DeFiore

OK, moms and dads out there, we hear you when you say, my children wonít eat healthy foods. If we even sayrepparttar word, they tune out and already decide they donít like it. Well, my first response to this is ďwho is runningrepparttar 113102 house, you orrepparttar 113103 kidsĒ. If you sayrepparttar 113104 kids, you have more problems than I can help you with. Put your foot down, you and your husband, spouse, significant other, (fill inrepparttar 113105 blank) arerepparttar 113106 ones makingrepparttar 113107 living and doingrepparttar 113108 providing. I fully realize that children donít likerepparttar 113109 concept of healthy foods. However, most children donít realize that many ofrepparttar 113110 foods they do like are healthy for them. Most kids I know love peanut butter, well that is a good food for them. So try some peanut butter on that apple or celery they refuse to eat. Or try some low fat or fat free cheese sauce onrepparttar 113111 cauliflower or broccoli they turn their nose up at.

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