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Written by Crusty Villa

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In this Metal Music review we will look at Superjoint Ritual's CD " A Lethal Dose of American Hatred". and Anthrax's CD " We've Come For You All". .Both are awesome CD's with a lot of soul and powerful riffs.

Superjoint Ritual A Lethal Dose of American Hatred. Well one thing is for certain, these guys like their weed. Hencerepparttar name Superjoint Ritual. Pantera's golden throat Philip Anselmo isrepparttar 125498 lead singer. Words that describe this CD are, very aggressive, driven, high tension and intense. My favorite tracks are both 1 and 2. Other similar sounds are Slayer especially "God Hates Us All" and later music from Pantera. This CD will kick your ass , allrepparttar 125499 way to next week

May the best man whine

Written by Christopher Ford

Title Mayrepparttar best man whine AuthorChristopher Ford Date October 2003 Contact c.ford@mcrmail.com

A guide of what not to do and say when asked to be best man.

Aside fromrepparttar 125497 gourmet food,repparttar 125498 fine wine and extravagant table décor there is only one reason whyrepparttar 125499 wedding reception overshadowsrepparttar 125500 ceremony asrepparttar 125501 highlight ofrepparttar 125502 day. The speeches.

Food is hurried; nerves are frail, and doublerepparttar 125503 amount of booze is consumed onrepparttar 125504 head table than anywhere else inrepparttar 125505 room. Video cameras are set to record andrepparttar 125506 speakers themselves are set to entertain. The best man’s speech in particular must be witty, interesting, and profound. The closing and deciding chapter in his duties as, well,repparttar 125507 best man.

More often than not,repparttar 125508 best man will lack public speaking experience, and fear sets in asrepparttar 125509 commonplace reaction. But with thorough preparation and research, anyone can shine. Anyone can rise torepparttar 125510 occasion.

But what happens whenrepparttar 125511 best man hasn’t prepared at all? Whenrepparttar 125512 best man was never asked to do a speech until a microphone was thrust in his hand atrepparttar 125513 last second, to discover a room full of expectant faces gazing up at him? How interesting can it be? The answer is very.

I flew from Birmingham, England, to land in Atlanta, Georgia, greeted by Shane (the groom) and his bride to be Kirsty with great anticipation. Shane was an old school friend. He’d asked me to be best man, when his only love interest was a 4-ft poster of Yasmine Bleeth, of course I accepted. And now I was to live outrepparttar 125514 honour.

The wedding was two days away, and much still remained to do with little time to do it. Dress rehearsals to rehearse, and seating plans to plan. Yet asrepparttar 125515 trans-Atlantic best man, my call of duty was merely to donrepparttar 125516 tails, holdrepparttar 125517 rings, and wish them allrepparttar 125518 best.

The speeches, I was advised earlier, would be merely a toast. It wasn’t customary inrepparttar 125519 United States, or at least in Kirsty’s family, to deliver anything other than my congratulations. So I relaxed, marinated my pasty skin with sun oil, and soaked uprepparttar 125520 southern atmosphere. The next day was spent golfing withrepparttar 125521 groom’s father, discussingrepparttar 125522 merits of his son’s newly acquired green card, and sending a few Budweiser’s home.

On Shane’s last night as a bachelor, we stayed overnight atrepparttar 125523 hotel far fromrepparttar 125524 bride’s eye to satisfy superstition. Though much to my disappointment, it wasn’t spent in a hot tub with college girls sinking Moët, not when there were tables still to be set and ice sculptures to rearrange. Onrepparttar 125525 big day, I was disappointed to find out that a mid-afternoon wedding still called for an early rise. Givenrepparttar 125526 soaring temperatures expected at mid-day, I wasn’t looking forward to life insiderepparttar 125527 top and tail, and my only immediate worry was how to control unwanted perspiration. That, and not losingrepparttar 125528 two gold rings they were about to swear an oath upon.

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