Heartworms alert - know the warning signs to save your pets health!

Written by S.A. Smith

Has your pet recently been coughing, eating less, or being more lethargic than usual? If so, it is possible that your pet is infected with heartworms and may need immediate help and attention. Heartworms may infect a host for up to 2 years before any signs or symptoms are visible, and often when they are diagnosed it may be too late for some pets.

Heartworms are an infectious parasitic transmitted by mosquitoes that invades major organs in dogs and cats likerepparttar lungs, pulmonary arteries and heart. Heartworms grow and multiply withinrepparttar 125842 pet body and can survive for up to 5 years. Heartworms cause damage and block smaller arterial vessels in your pets key organs leading to organ damage and a multitude of health complications.

The symptoms of a heartworm infestation are often difficult to recognize or may be overlooked or discounted as merely flu or cough-like symptoms. Coughing, weigh loss, lethargy, rapid heart beat, poor coat condition, diarrhea and loss of appetite are common symptoms. Treatment to rid a pet of adult heartworms is a costly vet procedure and involves exposing your pet to arsnic poisoning treatments to killrepparttar 125843 adult heatworms - a procedure that can be fatal for aged pets or ones in deteriorating physical condition.

What Footsie taught us !

Written by graham and julie

We have just inherited a rag, tag and bobtail of a dog called ’Footsie’. She was found three weeks ago wandering around outside a local restaurant for a couple of days looking for food. Paula, a woman who takes responsibility for stray animals in this part ofrepparttar island, took her in and started to look after her. She soon found that, Footsie has such a quiet, loving nature but is definitely not a ‘looker’. She wouldn’t win any awards at Crufts. Pure white coat, almost albino type eyes but a protruding bottom set of teeth which means she always hasrepparttar 125841 canine tooth onrepparttar 125842 left and several of her other teeth showing. But, as we said, a lovely temperament. Very playful, loving and peaceful.

Paula took her torepparttar 125843 local vet for a check up and found that Footsie is about 12 to 13 months old and had recently, withinrepparttar 125844 last three weeks or so, had puppies. The vet gaverepparttar 125845 appropriate medicines to help her duringrepparttar 125846 whelping period. But otherwise was in good health. She also had a chip in her ear but when they checkedrepparttar 125847 computer system found thatrepparttar 125848 registration had not been completed properly and only an out of use phone number was registered. So: no chance of findingrepparttar 125849 original owner.

Forrepparttar 125850 next few days you could see Paula and Footsie walking aroundrepparttar 125851 village and after a couple of days it became more and more obvious that Paula was getting very attached to ‘Footsie and Footsie to her. After all, Paula had taken her offrepparttar 125852 street and shown her a lot of love and affection. The only problem is that Paula specialises in cats. Wild street cats; and so there was no room inrepparttar 125853 apartment for Footsie. The result: Footsie spentrepparttar 125854 nights in Paula’s car andrepparttar 125855 days in her office.

It wasn’t long, no more than a couple of days before people inrepparttar 125856 village began to notice Footsie. About a week later a young guy approached Paula and asked if he could take her for his parents. Their dog had recently died and so he thought she would be an ideal replacement. An ideal loving dog, especially for an older couple. Footsie loves sitting on people’s laps!

The deal was done. Paula agreed and Footsie was taken byrepparttar 125857 young man, placed in his car and taken onrepparttar 125858 local ferry torepparttar 125859 next island where his parents live. Unfortunately his father did not like Footsie. For whatever reason he said he did not want her inrepparttar 125860 house. Although his mother quite liked her it was an impossible situation. So she had to makerepparttar 125861 return journey.

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