Healthy Happy Relationships "7 Tips"

Written by Kathy Pedeaux


by Kathy Pedeaux

"Negative People = Trouble Maintaining Healthy Relationships" I once knew a woman for several years who seemed to never be happy in any situation, was negative about people, her circumstances and lived forrepparttar next change orrepparttar 147041 next event happening in her life. Let's call her "Lulu." I was trying to build a friendship with Lulu because I enjoyed her company at different times, but her increasingly negative attitude made me want to avoid being around her. She would say, "If I wasn't single, then I would be happy," then when she got married she was negative about her husband. Lulu didn't like where she lived either, but guess what? When she moved, happiness couldn't be found. If I just.... When I .....If only......If they would just....then I'll be happy. Negative people are unhappy people and others do not want to be around someone who brings them down on a consistant basis. Many times unforgiveness and holding on torepparttar 147042 past is a real agent in people who suffer with being negative. If we hold on torepparttar 147043 past, then we remain stuck and never experiencerepparttar 147044 joy of growth and success. (Read next months article called, "Forgive, Release, Restore.") I once was honest with a close relative when I said, "I love you so much and I enjoy being with you, but could you possibly bring some good news torepparttar 147045 table today?" It shocked them into reality and really helped us to get even closer inrepparttar 147046 long run. Do we stop being patient with those who struggle? No indeed! But if someone is having relationship problems in keeping friends, with their marriages, at home withrepparttar 147047 family, or inrepparttar 147048 workplace, then maybe being honest and giving some helpful encouraging tips could help. As you are reading this article, you may realize that this negative, unhappy person is you! You may need those tips for yourself. We will list some practical tips for you or someone you know atrepparttar 147049 end ofrepparttar 147050 article. But first we must realize that not being negative is being positive. Choose to be an optimist not a pessimist. Paul gives us good word on being content: Phil. 4:4 says, "Rejoice inrepparttar 147051 Lord always and again I say rejoice!" Further instruction from Paul in I Thess. 5 says this, "Be joyful always; pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." If it is God's will, then it is possible and He is ready to give yourepparttar 147052 strength to turnrepparttar 147053 corner! You may say that sounds like great advice but you don't know my situation! Well let me tell you a little about Paul's situation. Here is an excerpt from Joel Osteen's book called, "Your Best Life Now."

How To Be Happy

Written by Garry Munro

Happiness is a state of mind, so your state of mind at this moment makes allrepparttar difference.

You need to ask yourself, is it what you want,repparttar 147008 thing that is going to make you happy?

Ifrepparttar 147009 answer is yes, does this mean that what you have must not be good enough?

We go through life searching, searching for a better job, better house, better car, better relationship, sometimes for many people this is a full time “occupation, always searching!

It seems to be a vicious circle for many of us, becauserepparttar 147010 last job wasrepparttar 147011 better one, now it is not, somehow it’s lost its appeal, just as when you bought your car, it was going to make you happy but that was only for a short time, you soon became unhappy once you saw another newer model, so repparttar 147012 car that was your dream car is no longer a dream.

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