Healthy Fondue – A Guide To Making Broth and Hot Oil Fondues

Written by Anthony Tripodi

A pot of hot oil that you dip meat into sounds downright barbaric but it can also be heart healthy. Broth and hot oil fondues are much less decadent than their siblings, cheese and chocolate fondue but they’re just as tasty. If a little care is taken when selecting ingredients and overeating is avoided, then both broth and hot oil fondues can become a healthy meal.

Fondue Bourguignonne (also known as hot oil fondue) consists of diners who cook their own food on long forks in a pot filled with hot oil. The oil is heated in a fondue pot to about 325 degrees and guests spike cubes of meat and place them directly intorepparttar hot oil. While waiting a minute or two forrepparttar 143488 meat to cook and also to enjoy some wine and their company (the best part of fondue)repparttar 143489 cube is removed fromrepparttar 143490 oil and ready to be dunked into a variety of dipping sauces.

In order to make hot oil fondue healthier you need to start withrepparttar 143491 oil. Peanut oil is low in saturated fat and cholesterol and high in monounsaturated fat. This means that that just like olive oil, peanut oil will improverepparttar 143492 ratio of “good cholesterol” to “bad cholesterol”. Next you will need to use lean cuts of meat. Beef tenderloin, pork tenderloin and loin of lamb are good but chicken or turkey breast are your best bets. And keeprepparttar 143493 portions small. The general guideline is thatrepparttar 143494 portion should be aboutrepparttar 143495 size of your palm of your hand.

Dipping sauces can also be made healthier with ingredient substitutions. Try using low sodium soy sauce or fat free sour cream. Take a small dip and don’t drown your food inrepparttar 143496 sauce. Just say no torepparttar 143497 béarnaise or hollandaise sauce.

How to Host a Memorable July 4th Barbecue – and Have Fun Too.

Written by Neil Street

July 4th is right aroundrepparttar corner, and it’s peak season for outdoor parties and barbecues. Here are some tips from a top professional - The Cantering Caterer, of Westport, Connecticut. Take a look at these great suggestions, and discover how to host an unforgettable barbecue, and enjoy it too.

It's hot outside! The garden is flush with fresh vegetables, great smells, and beautiful colors. Now isrepparttar 143390 perfect time for outdoor entertaining. Whether you are planning an outdoor July 4th barbecue, or any outdoor entertaining, here are some helpful outdoor party planning hints: 1 - Serve appropriate foods: It is important to offer foods that will not wilt inrepparttar 143391 heat or attract too many pests. There is nothing worse than having your guests square off with a swarm of bees every time they get nearrepparttar 143392 guacamole. Also, use recipes that you can prepare in advance, leaving you to enjoy your guests (and to hear them rave aboutrepparttar 143393 great food). Crudités are great and there are lots of canapés that can be preparedrepparttar 143394 day before and kept inrepparttar 143395 refrigerator. Light is good inrepparttar 143396 summer. 2 – Controlling bugs: An open can of cat food off in a corner will attract flying pests – it really works. Mint plants will keep flying bugs away from buffet tables, and ant sticks, set in place two hours beforerepparttar 143397 party, will draw them away. Citronella torches work too. 3 – Summer beverages: Plenty of cold drinks are a necessity when entertaining outdoors inrepparttar 143398 summer. Have lots of bottled spring and sparkling water. Chilled ginger tea and cold lemonade are other crowd favorites. Juice a watermelon, serve it in glass pitchers with kiwi and star fruit slices. The kids will love it and it looks great too. Most wine served inrepparttar 143399 summer is white. Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay arerepparttar 143400 most popular. A good wine merchant is indispensable here. And … have lots of ice! Lots. 4 – Rain plan: If you can, plan on a tent… A sense of humor andrepparttar 143401 ability to remain calm are also useful here. If you are not having a tent, be sure that you can moverepparttar 143402 party indoors if need be. Plan early, you will be glad you did. In really hot weather be sure to have umbrellas, fans, and canopies.

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