Healthcare for Your Goldfish

Written by Dane Stanton

Goldfish Healthcare

You would think that itís unfair that such a small little creature that brings you so much joy can actually fall sick. But itís a fact of life that all living things are susceptible to illness, infections, and diseases and will ultimately die. Goldfish too are a species with its own set of health problems that will leave you feeling helpless. The best way to deal with this issue is to familiarize yourself with common health issues that goldfish face andrepparttar reasons for their sickness. Knowingrepparttar 147003 kinds of ailments will empower you withrepparttar 147004 knowledge to be alert to symptoms and takerepparttar 147005 appropriate steps to deal with if you can.

Through many hours of research, I have been able to come up withrepparttar 147006 answers to somerepparttar 147007 most important questions that have plagued me for so long. Such questions as -

Health Concerns for Goldfish

Written by Dane Stanton

Most ofrepparttar diseases that threaten goldfish can be cured. But better still these diseases can be prevented. While you should be alert to symptoms of a sick goldfish, you should first of all try and prevent them from happening. Some ofrepparttar 147002 common diseases that you must protect your Goldfish include:


Simply called as Ick, this isrepparttar 147003 most common disease that strikes down goldfish. Ick is a parasite that attaches torepparttar 147004 goldfish body. Causes: This happens whenrepparttar 147005 undue stress is put onrepparttar 147006 goldfish due to bad water conditions, fluctuations inrepparttar 147007 temperature and an overall poor quality of maintenance. 49

Symptoms: Look for small white spots that look like salt grain onrepparttar 147008 goldfishís skin, fins and gills.

What happens: This parasite attached torepparttar 147009 goldfish when it is stressed out due to bad conditions and feed offrepparttar 147010 body ofrepparttar 147011 fish. The conditions worsen whenrepparttar 147012 Ick begins to lay its eggs and reproduces at a very fast pace.

Treatment: If your goldfish is a victim of Ick, treat him or her with an anti-parasite medication. Also you might have to raiserepparttar 147013 water temperature to make this medication more effective. Ask an expert and follow instructions.

How can you prevent it: You can prevent Ick from growing by making sure that you maintainrepparttar 147014 tank well withrepparttar 147015 weekly changes and keeprepparttar 147016 water fresh and pollution-free.

Fin Rot

Another common problem that goldfish suffer from is fin rot when it looks as if parts ofrepparttar 147017 fishís fins and tails are wasting away.

Causes: This is also a bacterial infection arising out of poor water conditions. Fin rot usually happens to a fish that is already suffering from something else like an injury caused by tank bites that bite. They are already weak and fall prey to this infection.

Symptom: Watch out for frayed, rotting, often pale pinky-white edged fins and blood streaks onrepparttar 147018 fin tissue.

What happens: The already stressed goldfish is infected by this bacterial infection andrepparttar 147019 fins begin to rot away. Sometimes fungus attacks causerepparttar 147020 condition to worsen.

Treatment: You will need to treat your Goldfish with fin rot or anti-bacteria treatment to stoprepparttar 147021 disease from spreading. Try adding salt torepparttar 147022 tank to make up forrepparttar 147023 salt thatrepparttar 147024 fish has lost. Make sure thatrepparttar 147025 water is pollution-free.

How to prevent it: You can prevent fin rot by making sure thatrepparttar 147026 water quality is of high quality and see that you maintain it. Also it would be wise to isolaterepparttar 147027 fish that are biting their tank mates.


This is yet another bacterial infection that infectsrepparttar 147028 already injured and weak goldfish that are stressed out from poor quality water. However do not confuse it withrepparttar 147029 cotton-wool disease.

Causes: Fungus is caused byrepparttar 147030 Saprolegnia and Achlya bacteria that flourish in badly maintained tanks and attackrepparttar 147031 wounds ofrepparttar 147032 goldfish. Symptoms: If you see fluffy growths onrepparttar 147033 damaged wounds either onrepparttar 147034 skin orrepparttar 147035 fins of your goldfish, itís fungus.

What happens: Fungus generally manifest in injuries and wounds left by ulcers and parasites and can be very damaging torepparttar 147036 fish.

Treatment: You would need to use standard anti-fungal medications likerepparttar 147037 pretty effective methylene blue, which might however damagerepparttar 147038 water quality. You can also use aquarium salt at a dose of 1-3g/litre.

How to prevent it: Improve water conditions because fungus never grows in a well-maintained tank with good quality water.


This is bound to happen to your glutton goldfish at some point orrepparttar 147039 other. Their body structure is such that they canít take in too much food but their nature is such that they canít stop eating!

Causes: Overeating and foods high in fat can cause a goldfish to get compacted Symptoms: Your goldfish might look a little bloated and isnít as active.

What happens: Due to their structure and overeating goldfish are compacted and this causes a problem with their ability to eat as well as digestrepparttar 147040 food they eat.

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