Health using H2O and X2O While Creating a Home Business

Written by Kelvin Shaw

Global Team Success markets a New, Dynamic product called Xtreme X2O that turns water intorepparttar ultimate body fuel, hydrating your body atrepparttar 146869 cellular level. This is a great product and opportunity.

1. Global Team Success markets a revolutionary new product called Xtreme X2O, which is sure to be a hit among consumers or anyone who drinks bottle water. When Xtreme X2O is added to water, it turnsrepparttar 146870 water into a powerhouse,repparttar 146871 Ultimate Body Fuel.

People are now drinking more bottle water and now with Xtreme X2O, people can makerepparttar 146872 water they drink a key source for their better health. As a bottle water drinker myself, I do prefer to drinkrepparttar 146873 type of water that will assist my body inrepparttar 146874 assimilation of vitamins and minerals fromrepparttar 146875 foods I eat andrepparttar 146876 vitamins I take. Xtreme X2O does this and more. To get more information on Xtreme X2O go to our website and click on our products tab to learn all aboutrepparttar 146877 benefits of Xtreme X2O

The truth is "More than one in five Americans unknowingly drink tap water polluted with feces, radiation or other contaminants Nearly 1,000 deaths each year and at least 400,000 cases of waterborne illness may be attributed to contaminated water" -The New York Times - June 2, 1995

2. "I am experiencingrepparttar 146878 same results. I always needed to carry Zantac now after using Xtreme X2O, I do not need them. I noticed a complete change withinrepparttar 146879 first three days of using Xtreme X2O packets. I can truly say that Xtreme X2O is working for me."

"I'm so so excited about this business, have sponsored six people so far and another I just talked to said he's signing up tomorrow. I'm also noticing that since I started drinking Xooma water (about a week ago when I got it) I've had no more acid reflux! That was really giving me fits at night and I had to take Rx Zantac. I haven't had to take anysince I started Xooma, and have had no symptoms! It's wonderful!" Thanks for all you do! - Myra, Michigan

Pinging Your Own Blog Is It Search Engine Spaming?

Written by je Dunn

Google at some point will probably come up with a way to filter outrepparttar Blogg content that it deems "Spamish," but it would be impractical to think that Google will discount blogs altogether.

Some Bloggs are becoming more respected in their niche than many ofrepparttar 146818 major media conglomerates as a source reliable of information.

Pining your content, on your Blogg, to your RSS feed, on your Yahoo page has nothing to do with spam of any kind. Spam by definition is delivering a message or information to someone that doesn't want it and never requested it from you inrepparttar 146819 first place.

Pinging your own information to yourself effects, harms, or inconveniences no-one. Thus will never can or will be considered spam.

Now onrepparttar 146820 other hand if you are junk pinging snippets from pages on your site just to provide links forrepparttar 146821 spiders to follow and index you pages faster and you are using services like "Ping-O-Matic" and blasting those feeds all overrepparttar 146822 Internet, than you may cause yourself some problems.

The best practice to follow when blogging and pinging is to post repparttar 146823 complete content of a web page or article page, to ensure thatrepparttar 146824 post makes sense. Ask yourself if you visited your blog and read that post, would it make sense and offer some value to repparttar 146825 reader.

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