Healing The Elements

Written by Samantha Thurlby-Brooks

The Nature Elementals, most commonly known as Faeries, arerepparttar unseen guardians ofrepparttar 139118 planet. As much as we would like to believe that their survival depends on our beliefs and ability to clap loud enough so as to restart their dying hearts, these energy beings have very little need for us. However, overrepparttar 139119 last century our persistent misuse ofrepparttar 139120 planet has given these creaturesrepparttar 139121 need to connect with us and teach usrepparttar 139122 ways we have lost.

We have long understood thatrepparttar 139123 world is a complex energy structure; vibrating substances of whichrepparttar 139124 densest can be seen as material objects. Faeries are beings that resonate to a much higher frequency than ourselves, and so we often cannot see them. Faerie is a generic term for these energy beings that look afterrepparttar 139125 natural world. By assuming that all Faeries look likerepparttar 139126 pretty things of Tinkerbell andrepparttar 139127 Fairy Godmother would be like saying all animals lookrepparttar 139128 same. I have met Faeries of all shapes, sizes, appearances and temperaments.

I have been working withrepparttar 139129 Elementals for some time now, and have received much important information from them in terms of how to look after this beautiful place we call Earth. They have been prodding and pushing me to be more aware of my impact inrepparttar 139130 environment, torepparttar 139131 extent that after fifteen years of vegetarianism, I have now takenrepparttar 139132 plunge to be vegan. And thanks torepparttar 139133 Faeries, I have found this to be a far easier transition than I expected. Not that everyone is expected to become vegan, butrepparttar 139134 message ofrepparttar 139135 Faeries is to become conscious of our affects onrepparttar 139136 world around us. In time, as they have done with me, allowing yourself to listen torepparttar 139137 Faeries will help you to develop more and more behaviours that are inline withrepparttar 139138 healing ofrepparttar 139139 planet.

The Faerie Elementals can be divided intorepparttar 139140 appropriate elements they represent and, working with those elements they have specific lessons they would like us to learn. Earth, Water, Fire and Air,repparttar 139141 four major elements (Moonlight being a Faerie fifth element), have all become out of balance overrepparttar 139142 last fifty years, more so thanrepparttar 139143 planet is able to cope with. Mother Nature is exhausted andrepparttar 139144 Faeries are demanding our attention.

Sorepparttar 139145 Faeries ofrepparttar 139146 element of Earth are telling us that using manmade pesticides inrepparttar 139147 soil is strippingrepparttar 139148 planet of vital nutrients, some of which have taken thousands of years to accumulate. We are digging out fossil fuels like small children dig out their noses; and you know what happens when you pick your nose too much? It bleeds!

We inrepparttar 139149 West have become a nation of litterbugs, but unlike bugs there is no predator to gobble us up and stop us from damagingrepparttar 139150 natural world. We dump all sorts intorepparttar 139151 ground, from old Hoovers and televisions, to babies’ nappies. In years to come, when intelligent life are carrying out archaeological digs, instead of finding interesting creatures and fascinating tools, they will find fossilised nappies complete with an imprint ofrepparttar 139152 contents. And because they will not know what they are (as they will have been banned before they could possibly remember) they will use it as abstract art and place it on their walls! Imagine, pooie nappies onrepparttar 139153 walls of sophisticated people! Or maybe becauserepparttar 139154 nappies are so hard and big they would use them to make insulation for their homes, or have Olympic contests likerepparttar 139155 Scottish fling cow pats!!! Not that we should, of course, carry on putting this stuff intorepparttar 139156 earth forrepparttar 139157 entertainment of those to come. Using biodegradable or washable nappies is a much nicer way to respect our earth and our babies bodies.

Earth Faeries have a large bone to pick with us from allrepparttar 139158 deforestation we are subjectingrepparttar 139159 earth to. Imagine each tree being allocated a Faerie to coach it and encourage it to become beautiful and healthy. All those trees being destroyed are producing many thousands of redundant Faeries! They’re not impressed! The trees work closely withrepparttar 139160 Air Faeries and also userepparttar 139161 Water Faeries for nourishment. The Fire Faeries needrepparttar 139162 wood to support their cause also. So, imagine all those angry Faeries shouting at us; we’ve got to start listening!

An unusual comment, but an important one, isrepparttar 139163 idea of burying our dead in coffins. These solid, varnished wooden caskets are no way to allow our dead bodies to return to Mother Earth. How can our remains seep through such a barrier, and how canrepparttar 139164 Earth break down such chemicals? Even in death we are separating ourselves from nature. You can actually get cardboard coffins (try doing a Google search for it).

So what can we do to help these fine creatures and ultimately ourselves? The message is, “Every little helps”! Organic food from local producers, picking up rubbish while out on a country walk, using renewable sources of energy, listening torepparttar 139165 chatter in your garden and planting your own veggies in between your flowers will all help you to connect withrepparttar 139166 Elementals ofrepparttar 139167 Earth.

Air Elementals are just as upset with us as their Earth friends. It is common understanding that fumes from cars and industry is pollutingrepparttar 139168 atmosphere causing ill health to humans and of course animals, but also causing something called Global Warming. We’re choking on our own achievements, but are too busy enjoying our technologies to be able to let them go. Millions and millions of people aroundrepparttar 139169 world smoke cigarettes, and millions and millions of people are aware ofrepparttar 139170 damage they have on their health. But we seem to forgetrepparttar 139171 damage we are allowing these white sticks of plant and chemicals to have onrepparttar 139172 air around us. Likerepparttar 139173 chemicals of burning fossil fuels, cigarette smoke is also pollutingrepparttar 139174 airrepparttar 139175 earth breathes.

We also often forgetrepparttar 139176 pollutants of room fragrances and perfumes. These unnatural products not only affect our own lungs, but also those of allrepparttar 139177 respiring beings on Earth. Just likerepparttar 139178 affect of butterfly wings onrepparttar 139179 weather, anything that is released intorepparttar 139180 air will also have an affect onrepparttar 139181 environment. I have often heard as defence to keep cars inrepparttar 139182 game that cows produce more pollution inrepparttar 139183 atmosphere through farting than allrepparttar 139184 cars on Earth do. Cows, however, do not naturally breed torepparttar 139185 extent we have forced them to in recent years. And withrepparttar 139186 amount of bad food us humans eat, I’m sure humans produce far more noxious gases out of our rear ends than allrepparttar 139187 cows could possibly muster!

Weed Dangerous to Hummingbirds

Written by Marilyn Pokorney

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If you love hummingbirds, keep your garden, yard, and property clear of weeds. Especially burdock. The prickly seedheads of common burdock can trap and kill hummingbirds.

During September, 1998, three hummingbirds were caught and died in Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C. A fourth hummingbird was rescued by bird watchers.

According to National Park Service biologists,repparttar 138703 burrs act like Velcro. The barbed points onrepparttar 138704 burrs cling steadfastly to fur, clothing, skin, feathers--almost anything that comes near.

Asrepparttar 138705 tiny birds thrash around trying to free themselves they become even more entrapped.

While not much has been written aboutrepparttar 138706 subject, a consulting ornithologist in Burnaby British Columbia reports thatrepparttar 138707 weed does occasionally claimrepparttar 138708 lives of small birds and even brown bats.

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